Inspur NF5486M5

Ultra high storage density in the industry

Key Features

Innovative design

The NF5486M5 server boasts the ultra high storage density in the industry. Its cutting-edge and innovative design features a reinforced compartmentalization, resonance suppression, and high-precision air distribution, providing a solution for managing deformation, heat dissipation, and resonance, which are the three major issues that affect server operations.

Mass storage

4U rack supports up to 106 * 3.5" hot-swappable hard drives.

A single unit provides a storage space of up to 1.25PB, three times the density of traditional 4U storage servers

Green technology

Single hard drive power and intelligent fan-speed control

Intelligent power management, dynamically controlled sleep feature

Simplified serviceability

Optimized structural design supports hot swapping of high-density 3.5" disks

Easily serviceable tool-less components

Intelligent management

Real-time intelligent monitoring, black box logging, and double mirror backup

Unified management, automated provisioning, multi-ecosystem integration

Technical Specifications




4U rackmount server


Supports 2 * Intel® Xeon® 3100/3200, 4100/4200, 5100/5200, 6100/6200, 8100/8200 Scalable processors:

Supports up to 22 cores (2.1GHz frequency) and a maximum frequency of 3.6GHz (4 cores)

Two UPI interlinks with each single link operating at 10.4GT/s


Intel C622


16 memories slots with each processor supporting 6 memory channels RDIMM and LRDIMM support with a maximum speed of up to 2933MT/s Memory protection with features such as ECC, memory mirroring, and memory hierarchy


106 * 3.5" hard drives with support for multi-brand hard drive support

Built-in support for 1* SATA/PCIe M.2 for boot-up function

Disk controller

2 * SAS chips, each supporting 16 * PCIe 3.1 lanes 12Gb/s and over 1 million IOPs

I/O Expansion slots

Supports up to 1* standard PCIe3.0 x16 slot and 1* OCP/PHY card slot

Built-in dedicated SAS MEZZ daughterboard slot (includes 2 * SAS  chips)

A modular tool-free disassembly design can be adopted for PCIe expansions while retaining fixed screws


1 * VGA + 2 * USB.3.0



Onboard BMC management module provides support for management features such as IPMI, SOL, KVM Over IP, and virtual media

1* 1Gbps RJ45 management network port

Operating system

Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2/2016;

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/7;

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.4/12.3/12.4/15;

VMware ESXI6.0U3 & ESXi6.5 UX & ESXi6.7 & ESXI6.7UX;

Oracle Linux 6.9/7.5

Oracle VM3.4

Redflag 7.4

Power supply

1 + 1 platinum redundant power supply with hot swapping support


447mm (W) × 174mm (H) × 995mm (D)


Fully configured: 130kg

Operating temperature




Inspur NF5486M5