Inspur Digital Tax Solution


This system makes supporting decision-making analysis as breakthrough, uses graphic demonstration to provide a platform of decision-making management, appraisal of tax levying and collection and multi-dimensional analysis and present direct information for the decision making and management analysis of leaders.

Background introduction:

With the growing informatization of taxation, large number of data is accumulated in tax application system. “Let data speaking the truth and make management do better job” becomes the new subject facing taxation organs. Building on established data platform, Inspur “digital taxation utilizes advanced digital presentation technology to achieve the diversified display of tax revenue, main tax resources, tax burden ,monitoring forewarning and other subjects. Statement, instrument panel, progression, pie chart, broken line and other displaying methods can vividly reflect data comparison, structure makeup, development trend and other analysis with more convenient and direct effect.

Solution introduction:

Overall Architecture

Features of Functions

Dynamic demonstration: data demonstration platform shows data dynamics to users via instrument, statement, progression, pie chart, broken line and other ways.

Visible upon booting: being visible upon booting is namely data push service. It is required that when users turn on the computer, push service should be seen on the desktop with no need for log in or other operations. Under the condition of authority permit, users can notify other users according to their demand.

Email push: specific statement data are generated at fixed time and are pushed to the intranet email address of designated people.

Application Cases

Data Demonstration Platform of SAT Guangdong Provincial Office

Analysis platform of the comprehensive application of data of Jinan Municipal SAT Office

Tax Source Monitoring Platform--Digital State Tax of Anhui Provincial SAT Office

Tax revenue analysis, evaluation and monitoring System-- Digital State Tax of Henan Provincial SAT Office

High-end Inquiry and Demonstration platform of Beijing Local Taxation Bureau

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