Integrated Solution


Background introduction:

Inspur is responsible for providing  an integrated  tax information system solution, which is customized according to the requirements of the national situation for States Tax Bureau.

The Integrated Solution of Inspur taxation software and hardware consists of the following systems: fiscal device management, ARM monitoring and management background, taxi management, key issuing & management, encoding verification system, and invoicing database and other related business systems. It spans core business functions including, the following managements: taxpayer invoicing qualification, FCR, fiscal taximeter, electronic invoice, billing, and TAX BI. Its features also include: real-time invoice issuance, storage and verification, invoice issuance monitoring and analysis, and fiscal management technical support for information system for tax bureaus.

Individuals or enterprises can check their invoice's authenticity with smartphones, on websites,  a special client for verification or automatic rate paying machine (ARM) provided by INSPUR. Standard invoice issue interfaces, which connect seamlessly with the tax bureau operation system, will also be provided by INSPUR to meet the different needs of taxpayers.

Solution introduction:

General design structure

 Advantage of Inspur’s solution

  Design Concept

Complete collection of taxpayers' invoice data

Through enforcement of the implementation of fiscal invoices for taxpayers' business, data on invoices can be collected in a timely manner to allow the tax bureau to determine the actual condition of companies’ sales and taxi companies to achieve fiscal management through the information system.

Establishment of a national unified invoicing database

A national unified invoicing database will be established to obtain accurate information relating to taxpayers' invoicing and conditions of sales in a timely manner, so as to achieve the objective of fiscal management though the information system.

Provision of invoice checking platform to customers and the tax bureau

Tax collection can be optimized, and invoice verification services can be provided to customers and the tax bureau. This service is available at various query channels, and caters to user's needs for invoice authenticity verification.

Ensure invoice data information safety

A stable and secure fiscal cash register management system will be established to provide both the tax bureau and taxpayers with a reliable invoice management platform. Data transmission is ensured by an encryption mechanism to provide timely, accurate and secure transmission of data to the invoice database so as to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and security of invoice data.

5. The expected solution benefits

1) Increased tax revenue, thus boosting nation economic growth.

2) Existence of a fair and healthy taxation environment.

3) Decreased taxpayer’s operating cost, improve social and taxpayer’s information technology level.

4) Improved Tax Administration’s efficiency, reduced tax collection cost.

6. International presence and successful cases:

–Eastern Europe       –Africa       – Asia

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