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This platform, by making full utilization of such next-generation Internet Technologies as Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet, and Big Data, leads government information resources and social information to full integration. The website aims at creating an innovative, ecological environment by lowering costs in city services, and establishing a one-stop, citizen-centric service platform for the convenience of the public, with joint participation of both the government and the society. The platform emphasizes users’ participation, interaction, and cooperation, ensuring that they acquire online government, public, and social services in a convenient way. Meanwhile, the platform fosters innovation in government services, increases governing capacity, promotes the development of national governance system and the transformation into an efficient, service-oriented government. All these aim at providing the public with information services of higher quality, so that they may live a better life.

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As a manifestation of Smart City, iCity Website integrates government resources and social resources into an organic whole with the help of such modules as Government Service, Handy Service for the Public, Voice of the City, Application Center, and Civic Space, offering one-stop information services that benefit the public.

Government Service: As an innovative mode of government services based on an internet philosophy, it brings social forces into government services as useful supplements to the government’s public services. Government service plays a guiding and regulatory role in serving the people’s daily life.

Handy Service for the Public: It covers information services closely related to civic life, offering information on various aspects of life, such as utilities, transport, medical insurance, tourism, and commercial insurance.

Voice of the City: It is devoted to creating an online interactive platform, which, by means of gathering information from government mailboxes, government hotlines, micro blogs and WeChat, brings the interaction between citizens and governors, interaction between the government and business enterprises, and interaction between our citizens into complete integration.

Application Center: Based on open platform architecture, a series of standards in development, access, and examination are formulated, and complete documentation, samples and the control console are offered to aid developers in developing various kinds of applications rapidly. Meanwhile, the establishment of uniform standards allows various applications a convenient access to the system, provides unified management and monitoring, and helps to build up an urban App store.

Civic Space: It serves a series of functions, like news subscription, information push, personal online storage, and household bills. In addition, it can be connected to other systems on the strength of the accessibility of the open platform. Civic Space provides each citizen with his/her unique space, taking into consideration such essential factors as clothing, food, residence, transport, education, health, and employment, keeping a detailed record of the citizen’s education information, health information, work experience, billing history and consumption history, which altogether cover the entire life cycle from birth to death.

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