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Background introduction:

Recently, international security is becoming increasingly tense, industrial accidents are on the increase and natural disasters, terrorist incidents regularly occur; examples include the BP Texas refinery explosion, the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the 9-11 incident, and the violent attacks in China’s Kunming railway station. These incidents caused heavy casualties, serious damage to buildings and equipment as well as environmental pollution, public security has become a priority amongst governments and the masses.

Meanwhile, with the development of urbanization and the worldwide economy, population mobility is on the increase and social instability factors are on the increase. People have begun to realize it has become essential to make proper assessments and analyses of public security events in order to make timely and effective emergency responses.

Solution introduction:

Application architecture

The idea of the Safe City was bred in this context. The Safe City is a very comprehensive management system, it not only requires meeting the needs of security administrations, urban management, traffic management, emergency responses, but also needs to consider video surveillance for disaster warning and safety production monitoring. Meanwhile it also takes integration of the supporting facilities such as alarms, access control, and firefighting into account.

With the gradual integration of technologies such as smart analyses, the Internet of Things related to the Safe City, it is gradually moving towards an intelligence-oriented city whose application architecture is divided into 4 levels:

Consciousness layer: through video cameras, sensors, GPS and other sensing devices to receive the real-time data in reality;

Transport layer: the data collected can be transmitted and gathered via networks such as cable or wireless;

Supporting layer: which includes information access service, public technology exchange etc., to realize services such as information analysis and judgment;

Application layer: which serves different types of user with specific subdividing of applications. The Intelligent Safe City mainly involves emergency, security against terrorism, intelligent transportation and so on.

The key techniques of the Intelligent Safe City security system and the emergency response platform are intelligent video analysis, biological recognition, and the integrated platform of data intelligent analysis etc. They have the following 3 characteristics:

Integration: an overall security protection system which integrates multiple functions, such as environment monitoring, pathway monitoring, perimeter security, goods security and access control, etc.

Practicability: they are very practical, providing decision makers with real-time disaster information, different emergency response solutions and disaster trend analysis according to the real-time information collected. This applies to regional urban integrated security protection or regional security protection of some key venues in the city;

Scalability and compatibility: the system is a comprehensive system which integrates the high-tech front-end acquisition technique and the background intelligent-ized analysis/decision-making software, with strong compatibility and scalability, connecting the regional network from point to line or from point to surface, to eventually form a security system protecting the entire city.

Currently, the Inspur Safe City solution essentially involves CCTV and smart image analysis. The Safe City comprehensive monitoring solution is stipulated based on the actual demands and security and protection level, so as to provide the public security departments at all levels and other relevant departments to see the overall public security state of the monitoring region directly; and to prevent public security issues such as emergencies, crimes, mass conflict via intelligent analysis technique, which greatly improves the level of the social public security management.

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