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On the afternoon of November 22, 2013, the first open platform of Smart City over the whole country, iCity Net, was posted on-line in Qingdao. It is an open platform catering to the needs of the whole society for public access of government data, able to provide citizens with one-stop comprehensive information services. It is understood that the platform, besides informing its visitors of the formalities that they have to go through when tackling government department affairs, may also provide more detailed strategies for dealing with these formalities. Qingdao hence becomes the first city in China that makes government information open to public access. This is the first public service platform established on the strength of government open data across the nation.

The website consists chiefly of five zones, namely, “Government Services,” “Life Services,” “Voice of the City,” “App Center” and “Thematic Services.” The citizen-centered website will provide its visitors with one-stop comprehensive service information concerning public affairs, daily life and government affairs, and help to earn Qingdao national fame as the representative of new “Smart City.”

Different from other convenient service platforms, the greatest innovation about “iCity” is that it is an open platform established to cater to the needs of the whole society for public access of government data. As a natural information-collector and supervisor, the Government has abundant data recourses, including data on Finance, Agriculture, Health, Education, Transport, Geography, and Population. On the basis of public service data, “iCity” utilizes the new generation of information technology like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things and Mobile Internet, so that the public enjoy governmental, communal and social online services in a way as convenient and fast as shopping online. The online services cover such a variety of fields closely related to daily life and receiving great social concern as convenient information, education and training, public service, transport, community service, health, tourist environment and social security.

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