Government Affairs Self-service Terminal

Inspur's intelligent terminal of government affairs is laid out in the lobby, applicable to all government affairs management halls, support social security business and administrative business inquiries;

Product Overview:

Product functions

Inspur intelligent queuing and calling machine is mainly composed of queue number machine, beeper, window display screen, main LED display screen, evaluator and audio system.

The touch-type vertical queue number machine is used.

As for display, it is provided with a window or counter display terminal and the integrated display terminal, in LED dot matrix display.

The control module is a WINDOWS architecture-based control system, possessing abundant business functions.

It supports wired, wireless, and semi-wireless networking.

Product features

1 Remote management, and precision marketing

2 Wireless connection, and simple installation

3 Flexible setting, and powerful functions

Application case

Sole supplier of China Life Insurance who owns over 2200 sets of machines

Agricultural Bank of China, who owns over 2000 sets of machines

China Citic Bank, Industrial Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and other joint-stock banks

Hankou Bank, and other city commercial banks

Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, and other rural banking institutions

Technical Specifications