STB & Media Cloud Total Solution

Inspur Media Cloud Platform is innovated by Big Data and AI. This smart, open and safe platform is able to provide users premium video and service, and provide operator smart and safe operating support.Inspur also develops a wide range of STB and home gateway including ATV certified solution, UHD OTT/IPTV STB, DVB-C/T/S STB.

Typical Solutions

Inspur New Media Platform

Inspur is the leading vendor of HD streaming over the Internet IPTV solution provider. Our fully integrated OTT (Over the Top) end-to-end HD streaming IPTV solution enables telecoms and service provid...

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Inspur IEOS Middleware Solutions

High Performance User Experience

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Inspur Equipment Management System

Inspur’s Equipment management system(EMS) provides end-to-end STB operation and maintenance.

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Recommended Products

STB-3982CM Smart Media Gateway

STB-3982CM is a new generation home media center combines video distribution, data exchange, smart management, network access.

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D2000 Smart UHD HDMI Stick

D2000 is a highly integrated smart IPTV/ OTT solution, support UHD, HEVC decoding and wireless transmission.

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IPBS9510 Smart UHD IP receiver

IPBS9510 is a highly integrated smart IPTV/ OTT solution, support UHD, HEVC decoding and wireless transmission.

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STB3982C Smart UHD Cable Receiver

STB3982C is an Android smart UHD cable receiver supporting HEVC decoding, multi-screen interaction and powerful Wi-Fi.

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STB9642C Smart UHD Cable Receiver

STB9642C is a highly integrated smart UHD cable receiver supporting UHD, HEVC, multi-screen and wireless access.

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Typical Applications

How to Enable Taiwan CATV Users to Enjoy the Fun of Multi-Screen Service?

[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's STB-9832C series of HD set-top box solutions, Taiwan CATV operators continue to accelerate the process of TV digitization shifting. Meanwhile, they have achieved...

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The "Digital TV Dream" of Vietnam Telecom Giant

[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's digital TV solution, Vietnam Viettel Group gains the ability of hardware and software integration to provide comprehensive cable operation services, thus steppin...

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How Shandong CATV Takes the Lead of 4K Ultra HD Era

[Introduction] After the 4K channel land in Shandong CATV Enjoy HD Museum, it can provide digital TV audiences with ultra HD experiences felt as clear and true as on the scene. And this solution is pr...

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