Inspur Develops a Big Data Platform for the General Administration of Customs of the PRC


General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China

The General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC) is the authority responsible for the supervision and management of entry and exit customs, as well as an agency with a vertical management system.  The GACC's primary mission is to supervise and manage entry and exit customs operations, collect customs duties and other forms of taxes and fees, prevent smuggling, and compile customs statistics. Furthermore, it also undertakes responsibilities such as port management, bond supervision and management, customs control, intellectual property customs protection, and international customs cooperation.

GACC's five-year Jin Guan Phase 2 project involves the application of Internet of Things and cloud computing technologies to build a national customs monitoring command system, an import and export enterprise integrity management system, and a customs logistics monitoring system.  An important component of this project is the establishment of a big data cloud platform aimed at meeting the agency's massive data processing needs.


Requirements and challenges:

  • Processing of massive data measured in the terabyte range
  • Unified management and flexible deployment of resources
  • Establishment of a stable and reliable hardware platform

System requirements

  • Improved data processing capability: Within the next five years, GACC's data processing volume will reach 4PB and 100TB for unstructured and structured data, respectively.
  • Establishment of a big data cloud platform: Implementation of flexible data retrieval, national customs integration, tariff forecasting, and fast-track customs clearance based on corporate credit.


Integrated solution built around Inspur's NF5270M4 dual-socket server: The big data cloud platform is divided into five functional zones, namely the network equipment zone, virtualization zone, core component zone, cloud service zone, and load balancing zone.  The virtualization zone leverages the storage computing power of Inspur's servers to provide application support for the platform; the load balancing zone primarily manages network product services and security; the core component zone handles the analysis of scheduling and operation management capabilities; and the cloud service zone is responsible for supporting and analyzing big data services and providing external services.


Significantly improved data processing capability: Capable of processing 8PB of unstructured data and 160TB of structured data in total.

Flexible data access and analysis: Implementation of live video surveillance and real-time data retrieval for over 1800 major customs clearance sites.

Efficient and stable cloud platform: A platform that ensures continuous and stable operations for the GACC.