Inspur AGX-5

AI super sever offer unrivalled performance of 2petaFLOPS

Product Overview

With the exponential growth of AI, enterprises and hyperscalers now need accelerated computing more than ever before, to train larger and more complex AI models on unprecedented amount of data. The Inspur AGX-5 is the most powerful AI super server, with groundbreaking fully interconnection of 16 V100 SXM3 GPUs with NVSwitch, to deliver unmatched performance of 2 petaFLOPS. It’s designed to tackle the most challenging AI HPC workloads.

Extreme Performance

Provides incredibly powerful stand-alone AI computing performance with 2 Petaflops Compared to previous GPU servers of the same type, the AGX-5 supports a 4x ultra-large-scale deep neural network model and a 10x faster training speed.

Extreme Connectivity

Based on NVIDIA's latest HGX-2 platform, AGX-5 uses the industry's most advanced NVIDIA NVSwitch™ interconnect fabric, enabling 48-channel, 2.4TB/s full-chip cluster high-speed interconnects.

Extreme Throughout

512GB HBM2 globally shared ultra-fast graphics cache, and provides nearly linear AI computing performance scaling.


Operate on 54VDC, a more power-efficient voltage for GPUs

A multi-layer cooling design and intelligent PID adjustment that provide industry-leading thermal management and control

Technical Specifications


AGX-5 (NF5888M5)


16* NVIDIA® Tesla® SXM3 V100 Tensor Core 32GB GPU(350W TDP)


2*Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor


Intel® C620 series chipset (Lewisburg-2)


24 DDR4 2933MT/s RDIMMs//LRDIMMs, up to 3 TB

Built-in PCIe

5*25w low-profile PCIe card, includes 4*PCIe x16, 1* PCIe x8

Front I/O

2*USB 3.0 port

1*VGA port,

1*RJ45 management port

Rear I/O

1*VGA port

2*USB 2.0 port

2*RJ45 management port

Ethernet card

1G Ethernet, 10G/25G Ethernet optical interface


Built-in Aspeed2500 BMC module, support IPMI, SOL, KVM Over IP, VM, etc.


8*2.5” U.2/SAS/SATA (or 4*NVMe+4*SSD), 2*M.2 SATA


Support 3108/9460 (NVMe Raid with Intel Raid Key)

Operating system

Red Hat Enterprise 7.4 64bit, Ubuntu server-16.04, Oracle Linux Enterprise 7.6 64bit,


N+1 Redundant hot swap fan


(2+2)*2 Redundant, up to 12 KW in total


8U W*H*D 448mm*351.6mm*850mm

Inspur AGX-5