Inspur AIStation

The Inspur AIStation is an agile AI resource platform. It is designed to provide enterprises users with unified management and scheduling of AI computing resources, complete AI development software stack and development process, accelerating AI research and innovation.

Key Features

Easy-to-Use, Complete Deep Learning Workflow

Deep learning training tasks contain a lot of steps. AIStation provides full-process support, from data pre-processing, parameter tuning, allocation of computation resources, activation of training tasks, monitoring for training tasks to result analysis.

One-Click to Deploy AI Training Environment with Higher Efficiency

There are many frameworks and models in different training tasks. In the case of multi-tasking, it requires highly demanding development environment. With Inspur AIStation, isolation and rapid deployment of resources and dev environments can be an easy task.

Dynamic Allocation of GPU Resources to Improve Utilization

During the allocation of GPU resources, AIStation can balance the need ofbig, small, long-term and short-term tasks. The dynamic allocation of GPU resources makes reasonable resource sharing and GPU efficiency possible.

Comprehensive Monitoring for and Management of Cluster, Unified Management of AI Computing Resources

Support real-time monitoring for clusters, reasonable scheduling of training tasks; timely detection of training problems to improve the reliability of clusters.



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Inspur AIStation