Inspur EIS800 Edge Microserver

Multiform and Composable EIS800 Micro Edge

Key Features

ECOM Modular Architecture

With the decoupled computing platform, I/O module and functional module, the reused platform module and functional module, as well as the environmental adaptive design for different scenarios and applications, EIS800 isdesigned to meet fast generation evolution by ECOM modular structure, in order to meet the requirements of various users. The ECOM system consists of modules such as the COMe CPU core module, onboard module, communication module, I/O expansion module, and BMC module.

Scalability in Multiple Forms

The EIS800S single node supports three forms: basic interface, network interface, and industry interface. The EIS800E micro-center node consists of themain board box and I/O expansion box, supports storage drives (3.5-inch HDD or 2.5-inch SSD) and AI acceleration modules (up to 4 NVIDIA Xavier Jetson NX modules), and can meet other requirements such as GPU card and network scalability. EIS800Es are stacked or connected as EIS800R, which features flexible scalability. 6 EIS800Es can be stacked to serve as a micro center or 2 EIS800Es can be connected to function as a 1U server in a rack.

Better Environmental Adaptability

The EIS800S single-host node can be equipped with the server level and lowpower consumption Atom C3000 series CPU and supports the fanless design and wide temperature range. The EIS800P outdoor node meets the IP65 requirements and can operate in the temperature range of -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F). It features Class A electromagnetic compatibility and can be deployed with Din-rails, wall-mounted, stacked, or rack-mounted.

Flexible Computing Power Combination

The single-host EIS800S and EIS800P support AI acceleration cards with the computing power of 2 × 8 TOPS M.2 interface. Inspur Server EIS800 Multiform and Composable EIS800 Micro Edge Sever EIS800 is Inspur's first micro edge server series that features multiple forms, optional front and rear I/O ports, portability, and easy deployment. Based on its CPU+AI heterogeneous computing architecture and various wireless communication modes, this multiform and compact EIS800 distributes its computing power relativelyflexible from 8Tops to 130Tops, meeting the requirements of diverse edge solutions. The EIS800E micro-center node supports up to 4 NVIDIA Xavier Jetson NX modules (4 × 21 TOPS) or NVIDIA T4/A2 Tensor Core GPU (up to 130 TOPS) for different edge AI computing power requirements.

Various Communication Modes

Various communication modes including the wired network, 4G/5G, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Zigbee, and GPS are supported to adapt to a variety of application scenarios and edge AI applications. Multiple smart NICs are supported to meet different network configuration requirements.

Technical Specifications





EIS800 Datasheet EN-20220419.pdf