Inspur at CLOUDFEST 2022

Cloudfest is the world’s #1 conference for cloud, hosting, and internet service providers returns to take over Europa-Park, connecting key decision-makers to shape the future of the internet. Supercharge Your Data Center with Inspur Servers!

During CloudFest, you can easily connect with our team on the exhibition floor by stopping by Booth # D02. We are also pleased to be presenting a keynote on March 23rd about innovations for green data center, where we will share the latest insights on the green datacenters and showcase the latest product innovations we have developed. Trust us: you don’t want to miss a thing!


  • Alan Chang

    VP of Technical Operations at Inspur Systems

    Alan Chang is responsible for developing next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G networking solution architectures, as well as advocating for open hardware communities. His contributions to the Open Compute Project span hardware design, marketing collaboration, and much more.

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As world’s leading AI computing provider, Inspur offers a broad range of cutting-edge computing platforms to empower some of the most challenging AI supercomputing tasks the world facing today.


i24LM6 is Inspur’s latest 2U 4-node high-density liquid-cooled server which is optimized for high-density data center and high-performance computing. It flexibly provides air-cooled and liquid-cooled configurations for computing-intensive key business applications such as HPC and big data. i24LM6 supports the latest Intel Ice Lake processors with optimized-design liquid cooling which covering CPU, memory and VR, achieving excellent computing and heat dissipation performance. Based on i24LM6, Inspur provides an exclusive air-liquid CDU solution, which helps clients to quickly deploy liquid-cooled system without data center modification, greatly improving deployment efficiency and reducing operation costs.


4U 8x NVIDIA A100 GPU over NVLink 3.0 interconnect, 2x AMD EPYC Rome processors, 5 petaFLOPS AI performance

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4U 4-16GPU AI Server

up to 20x PCIe GPUs/accelerators in 4U supports the latest NVIDIA A40 and A100 flexible topologies

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NF5266M6 is a 2U dual-socket storage server that adopts an innovative three-tier storage architecture.

It features improved and optimized storage and compute performance, flexible configuration, and intelligent management.

This storage 2U is suitable for big data, CDN, hyperconvergence, distributed storage, etc.

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Inspur NF5280A6 is a high-end dual-socket server that uses the 3rd Gen AMD® EPYCTM Processors. NF5280A6 inherits the high quality and reliability of Inspur servers in different application scenarios. With the high computing performance, perfect ecological compatibility and configuration flexibility, NF5280A6 can fulfill a variety of complicated workloads, and particularly fits application scenarios such as data analysis and processing, cloud, and high-performance computing.


"NF5280R6 is a high-end dual-socket server featuring the Ampere® Altra®/Altra Max® processor.

Based on the latest Arm® Architecture, it breaks more application bottlenecks. NF5280R6 inherits the high quality and reliability of Inspur servers. With the high computing performance and configuration flexibility, NF5280R6 can fulfill a variety of complicated workloads, and particularly fits application scenario such as cloud container deployment, Android cloud games, and big data."

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"A flexible, intelligent 2U 2-socket server designed for edge scenarios.

Optimized for safe and reliable operations in edge environments, including MEC, 5G / IOT, and AR/VR. A powerful compute node with front I/O access, it can also act as a head node to seamlessly drive an accelerator expansion box with suitable retimer or redriver adapters."

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Inspur EIS200 edge micro-server is a high-performance, low-power edge computing product designed for IoT access and edge scenarios and is geared toward a wide range of edge AI applications, including smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart cities, and smart logistic


The Inspur EIS800 edge micro-server is a flagship for a variety of edge scenarios. It has a "CPU+GPU" separation design, multiple computing power configurations, high scalability, and a broad application coverage. It can be configured flexibly to meet the needs of various scenarios


The NE3412M5 is a single-socket tower system inside an industrial grade enclosure, designed to quickly ship and deploy to edge and hyperscale environments. Based on the Intel® Xeon® scalable processor platform, its advanced performance, flexible expansion and durability for harsh environments makes it an ideal choice for edge application scenarios like on-site AI inference and data relocation.

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