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Cloud Expo Europe London will take place March 8-9, 2023 in London (ExCeL London, UK), we believe Cloud Expo Europe London 2023 is the best place for innovators, technologies and business leaders to meet, connect, and explore new partnership opportunities, shaping the future and delivering successful digital transformation.

Join and enjoy an unrivalled two-day conference program of thought-provoking panel discussions, inspirational keynotes and practical insight sessions from 200 speakers, covering: Digital Transformation, Cloud-Migration, Multi-Cloud Strategies, Threat Detection & Response, Cloud-native, Open Source & DevOps... Moreover, 4 exhibitions Big Data & AI World, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Devops Live and Data Centre world will take place in the same place at the same time!

Product Showcase

Showcase Highlights

As world’s leading IT infrastructure provider, Inspur offers a broad range of cutting-edge computing platforms most Data Center and to empower some of the challenging AI supercomputing tasks the world facing today.


High-scalability AI server

    NF5688G7 is a 6U hyperscale AI training platform, featuring industry-leading performance, ultimate I/O expansion and ultrahigh energy efficiency. Equipped with 2*Intel 4th Xeon processors, it is built to handle the most demanding AI computing tasks like trillion-parameter AI model training, massive recommender systems, and Metaverse workloads.

    - 2x AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors and 8x 700W GPUs in 6U
    - Flexible PCIe expansions with CX7, OCP3.0, and multiple SmartNICs enabling both on-premise and cloud deployment
    - Supports demanding AI computing tasks like trillion-parameter Transformer model training, massive recommender systems, and AI + Graphics workloads

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High density liquid cooled server

    i24LM6 is Inspur’s latest 2U-4Node liquid cooled rack server optimized for high density datacenter and HPC,with flexible configuration of air and liquid cooling. It is suitable for a wide variety of compute-intensive workloads including HPC, high-performance data analytics and more.
    - Extreme Performance: Support 4x 2-socket compute nodes in 2U, 8x Intel Ice Lake processors, industry's highest density
    - Highly-Efficient Liquid Cooling: Warm water cooling covering CPU, DIMM and VR,heat emission efficiency up to 80%,PUE≤1.1
    - Flexible Development: Unique Air/Liquid Cooling CDU solution helps to quickly deploy liquid cooling without upgrading original facilities. 
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Flagship rackmount servers for full scenarios

    - 2x AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors 
    - Flexible PCIe expansions with OCP3.0 enabling both on-premise and cloud deployment
    - Up to 192 cores and 384MB L3 cache
    - Up to 400TB storage and maximum of 4x dual-width GPUs
    - 24 x E3.S SSDs deliver high flash storage density and power efficiency
    - Tool-free maintenance with modular server design
    - Monitoring system via BMC ensures stable operation
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Flagship rackmount servers for full scenarios

    NF5280G7 is a high-end 2U dual-socket rack server powered by the fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processor. As the flagship model of Inspur server line, the NF5280G7 maintains consistently high-specification performance of Inspur servers. The front supports a maximum of twenty-five SAS/SATA or twenty-four E3.S/U.2 NVMe hard drives, and the rear supports a maximum of thirteen PCIe slots, two OCP 3.0 cards, support optional RAID card; this product meets the application configuration requirements of various industries with strong compute performance, comprehensive ecological compatibility, and flexible configuration transformation, and is suitable for various business scenarios.

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High-Density Compute Server

    - 2x AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors
    - Up to 96 cores, TDP up to 400W, 384MB L3 cache
    - Memory frequency up to 4800 MHz greatly improves operation efficiency
    - 2x E1.S front SSDs deliver greater storage capacity and easier maintenance
    - Supports complex workloads like virtualization and high-performance computing
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High-Density Compute Server

    NF5180G7 is powered by the Intel® Xeon® 4th generation scalable processor, designed to maximize performance, density, and scalability in a 1U space, and is suitable for high-performance computing, virtualization, and various computing-intensive application scenarios. The storage combination has a great matrix. It supports a maximum of twelve pieces of 2.5" SAS/SATA/NVMe hard disks or sixteen pieces of E1.S SSD all-flash configurations to meet diverse storage needs. It meets the requirements of scalability and networking balance. At the same time, three heat dissipation schemes, air cooling, cold plate liquid cooling, and immersion liquid cooling are introduced into the 1U model for the first time to meet the low PUE requirements of the data center.

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Critial application optimized rackmount server

    TS860G7 is a high-end 8-socket server product powered by Intel Eagle Stream platform. It is a platform upgrade product of TS860M5. It can support up to 8 Intel® Xeon® fourth-generation scalable processor platforms in a 6U space. The system integrates 128 DIMM slots of DDR5 memories to achieve the highest computing density in the industry. It is especially suitable for traditional industry application scenarios such as large-scale core databases, SAP HANA memory computing, critical application virtualization integration, and high-performance computing. It is also designed for cloud-optimized applications for global CSP customers.
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High-density storage-optimized rackmount server


    NF5266G7 is a 2U dual-socket high-density storage-optimized rackmount server built upon the Intel® Xeon® fourth-generation scalable processor. It adopts an innovative three-tier storage architecture to achieve the ultimate balance of computing and storage I/O. It is suitable for the business scenarios, such as big data, CDN, hyper-convergence, and distributed storage. It is the best choice to trade in the traditional 2U12 with high cost performance. The product in 2U space supports a maximum of twenty-eight pieces of 3.5 inches, supports two scalable processors providing more powerful computing performance up to 60% higher than the previous generation, and meets the growing demand for computing power of big data analysis services. IO expansion supports eight PCIe cards. The data transferring rate of PCIe 5.0 reaches 32GT/s, which can support 400Gb networking and realize low-latency application experience.
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High-end dual-socket server featuring the Latest Arm® Architecture

    NF5280R6 is a high-end dual-socket server featuring the Ampere® Altra®/Altra Max® processor.
    Based on the latest Arm® Architecture, it breaks more application bottlenecks. NF5280R6 inherits the high quality and reliability of Inspur servers. With the high computing performance and configuration flexibility, NF5280R6 can fulfill a variety of complicated workloads, and particularly fits application scenario such as cloud container deployment, Android cloud games, and big data.
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Rackmount server optimized for data centers

    - Flexible I/O design: It has no onboard PCIe slot and can satisfy non-PCIe I/O customization. The motherboard supports up to 2 x hot-pluggable OCPs, freeing up more I/O resources while ensuring uninterrupted network services.

    - Ultimate architecture design: Unique front I/O design proposes innovative measures to isolate the cold and hot aisles in the data center, which increases the lifecycle of heat-sensitive components, facilitates maintenance, and effectively solves the wiring problem in the data center.

    - Flexible deployment mode: Centralized power supply modules and CRPS power supplies can be switched freely. Support the stand-alone node and rack-scale delivery and ensure worry-free deployment.

    - Innovative cooling scheme: The liquid cooling solution reduces PUE in the data center to the limit. There are two different cooling solutions: air cooling or liquid cooling, choose as needed.
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Flagship edge micro server

    EIS800 is an intelligent portable and easy-to-deploy Edge microserver for the digital era. Its specifically designed extensible modules and interfaces achieve high customizability, which allows for rapid deployment across a wide variety of scenarios for intelligent Edge computing. This adaptability combined with its wide variety of wireless communication protocols including ZIGBEE, 4G/5G, WIFI/Bluetooth, and GPS, make it an ideal candidate for nearly any environment or situation. Its structural design is both simple and compact. The housing is manufactured with rugged die-cast and anodic oxidation techniques to provide heat dissipation along with water and dust resistance. The IP65 protection level rating and temperature rating of -40°C~70°C ensures normal operation in a wide range of harsh edge environments.
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Compact server providing edge computing power for edge applications

    EIS200 has powerful AI performance but ultra-low power consumption. Up to 21 TOPS computing power supports up to 32 channels of 1080P HD video decoding and 16 channels of 1080P HD video encoding at 30fps, and up to 16 channels of 1080P HD video decoding and 6 channels of 1080P HD video encoding at 60fps.
    EIS200 with NVidia® Jetson NanoTM  can be operated at -40 to 65℃ and 5%~95% humidity. With NVidia® Jetson XavierTM NX, EIS200 supports working temperature -40~55℃and humidity 5%~95%. Based on NVidia® JetsonTM TX2 NX, the working temperature between -40~60℃. Besides, EIS200 supports IP40 protection level.
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