Inspur At GTC2019

The world’s premier AI and deep learning conference for developers, GTC is coming. Inspur is honored to be platinum sponsor for this year’s GTC. We will continuously showcase our latest GPU based technologies, share our insights towards the trends of data center infrastructure with the development of AI, and also some typical user cases included,  to inspire our partners and customers.  

Below are some highlights for your information:

Design for your training applications: high density with superb performance

AGX-5 - 8U 16*GPUs(V100 32GB)

               NVSwitch enabled

AGX-2 – 2U 8*GPUs(V100)

               NVLink™ /PCIe

Design for your inference applications: flexible configuration match exactly your demand

NF5280M5 – 2U 4*GPUs(V100/T4)+2*PCIex8+ OCP NIC


NF5486M5 – 4U 8*GPUs(V100)/16GPUs(P4/T4)


Something special: Openpower based AI computing platform

Something new: Two more new products will add into our GPU based product portfolio, one optimized for edge computing, the other 4U 8GPUs with NVSwitch enabled. Stop by Inspur booth #1111 to check it out, having a chance to win big and to go home with some exciting raffle prizes.

Please let us know what level you are interested in, or would like to talk with our experts, we can get an arrangement and send right over the calendar.

We look forward to meeting you at GTC 2019!

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