Inspur At CLOUDFEST 2019

It’s that time of the year for cloud, hosting and internet service providers to start getting serious about securing their place for CloudFest 2019. We are pleased to call ourselves a CloudFest platinum partner and be conducting a presentation on March 24, 2019 in NameStudio™ API Main Forum, where we will share keen insights into our company and showcase the latest technologies we have developed.

Below are some our showcase highlights for your information:

Design for your Industry-Leading GPU Servers: high density with super performance

AGX-5 - The world’s most powerful GPU solution for AI

AGX-2 –The world’s most dense GPU solution for AI and HPC

NF5486M5 – Perfect balanced solution between performance and cost

Design for your standard rack servers: flexible configuration match exactly your demand

NF5180M5 – Solution for typical enterprise grade applications

NF5280M5 – Unified platform that fits diversified scenarios

Design for your Multi-Node demand: ideal platform for Hyperscale Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and HPC

I24 – Industry standard high dense solution

We Will See You There

During CloudFest, you can easily connect with our team on the exhibition floor by stopping by Booth # E02.

We are pleased to invite you to attend by using our complimentary code (a savings of EUR 399!)  -  CF196NM - and go to to register as our guest.

Free Pass to Attend the Global Event of the Year

Taking place March 23-29, 2019 in Europa-Park (Rust, Germany), we believe CloudFest is the best place for professionals to meet, connect and explore opportunities in which to partner. Offering up an assortment of compelling presentations, essential workshops, and fun networking occasions, we are convinced this festival is the kind of experience that can truly transform your business. Join in and take advantage of the following compelling opportunities:

●      Entrance to main.FORUM, breakout.SESSIONs and cloud.FAIR

●      Catering, incl. lunch and coffee breaks

●      Access to top-level social events: Come2Gather, ConneXion Party and Havana Night

●      Event bag with CloudFest documentation

●      Free shuttle from Offenburg to Rust and from Rust to Offenburg

We look forward to seeing you in Rust!

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