Jack Yang Visit to Russia

03 August 2019

From July 30 to August 2, 2019, the General Manager of Overseas Business Department Jack Yang, visited Russia for four days. During his visit, he was invited to attend the OpenStack Forum of Russia and delivered an important speech. He also held a cordial meeting with Erdur, the head of the Republic of Karelia. During this visit, Jack Yang also visited the top-level technical companies of Rostelecom, Sberbank, the Ministry of Health and Ozon Group, and exchanged with the First Vice-President of the All-Russian Association for Natural Environmental Protection and signed relevant agreements. This visit greatly strengthened the confidence of customers in cooperation with the tide.


Participating in OpenStack Forum and Making Important Speech

  Jack Yang attend the OpenStack Forum in Russia and was invited to make a speech to show more than 50 guests the strong technical strength of Inspur Group. During the meeting, held talks with the manager of Rostelecom Data Center and senior architect of Sberbank Bank technical department to promote cooperation with key customers.

  Jack Yang visited Erdur, the head of the Republic of Karelia, and conducted in-depth exchanges. Erdur highly praised the achievements of the Inspur, and hoped to strengthen cooperation with Inspur. Relevant special reports occupy the home page of the government website.


Meeting with Erdur, Head of the Republic of Karelia


Meeting Site


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  Jack Yang had a cordial meeting with Almrod, the first vice-chairman of the National Association of Natural Environmental Protection of Russia, and signed a cooperation agreement.


Meeting with Almrod, First Vice-President of the Russian Association for the
Conservation of Nature

  After the inspection, Jack Yang made a comprehensive summary of the Russian market inspection, and listened to the work reports and project progress of the front-line sales. He encouraged everyone to adhere to business-oriented, fully carry forward the spirit of "activists" and strive for greater victory.

  GM of Russia office AndreyAssistant GM Jury Zhang Financial manager Sigrid Zhou participated in the activities.