Inspur Japan Holds "Together, Go Further" Partner New Year Party

16 January 2020

In the afternoon of January 15th local time, Inspur Japan Representative Office and local partners jointly held a New Year's Party named “Together, Go Further” in Tokyo. The event attracted nearly 100 well-known local distributors including SBI, Mizuho, Baidu Japan, Segue Group, Thirdwave, Tik-Tok Japan to participate in the celebration of the New Year, and explore the development path of Inspur products in Japan.


At the event, Yang Jun, vice president of the Inspur Group and general manager of the Overseas Business Headquarters, first expressed his thanks and greetings to the participating partners. Yang Jun said that Inspur's brand and industrial status have continued to improve in recent years, with server sales and shipments ranking first in China, top three in the world, and the fastest growth rate in the world, its overseas business continues to grow. 2019 is a year of improvement and development of Sino-Japan relations. Inspur's firm long-term cultivation in the Japanese market will become more and more complete in all aspects including after sales and technical support. We hope to grow together with partners, open up the Japanese market together, and make Inspur brand bigger and stronger in the local market.



Wang Yuanyao, the representative of Inspur Japan, said that 2019 is an important turning year for Inspur's development in Japan. The Inspur team and partners have courageously advanced and achieved extraordinary results. Inspur products have been leading the world technology trend, and progress has been made in areas such as AI and edge computing. At the same time, Inspur can provide the industry's most complete product line to help carry out smart computing. Inspur's goal in Japan is to achieve industry leadership. The solid foundation laid in 2019 will result rich gains in 2020.



Yang Qiang, engineer of Inspur Information Overseas Promotion Department, introduced the development trends and challenges of artificial intelligence and Inspur's solutions and products. 2020 is the beginning of the second phase of the implementation of Japan's AI strategy. AI technology will further transform and reshape traditional industries. At the same time, AI also faces a series of challenges. Inspur provides global customers with full-stack artificial intelligence solutions from training to reasoning, from chips to complete machines and management platforms, simplifying customers’ AI application development and management processes, and accelerating realization of customers' artificial intelligence application scenarios. Then taking the NF5488M5 product as an example, he introduced Inspur's industry leadership in the field of artificial intelligence computing.



Inspur's local customers Segue Co., Ltd., SB Cloud Co., Ltd., and NVIDIA Japan, successively shared their experiences in using Inspur products, which greatly enhanced Inspur's market influence in Japan and laid the foundation for Inspur to deeply cultivate the Japanese market in 2020 .