Announcement on the Discontinuation of Sales of Inspur M4 Series Servers


Dear customers and MUs:

Inspur M4 series servers have been well received in the market since their launch. Due to the upgrade of the product technical policies, the M4 products have become unavailable for sale and ordering.

Table 1 lists the lifecycle milestones, and EOM/EOS dates of M4 products as well as the relevant definitions.

Table 1: M4 product life cycle milestones

Key Milestones Definition
EOM (End of Manufacturing) The date when Inspur officially discontinues selling the product and accepting orders for the product.
EOS (End of Service) The date when Inspur officially discontinues providing services related to the product.
Product Model EOM Date Planned EOS Date
NF5280M4/SA5212M4 2019/8/31 2024/8/31
NF5270M4 2019/1/31 2024/1/31
NF5240M4/ SA5224M4 2016/09/31 2021/9/30
NF5170M4 2016/09/31 2021/9/30
NF5180M4/NF5112M4 2019/1/31 2024/1/31
TS860G3 2017/12/31 2022/12/31
I9000 2018/11/31 2023/11/30
I4008/NX5480M4 2016/8/31 2021/8/31
SA5248M4 2016/8/31 2021/8/31
NF8460M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
NF8465M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
NF8480M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
i28 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
i4008 2016/12/31 2021/12/31
NF5166M4 2016/12/31 2021/12/31
NF5460M4 2016/12/31 2021/12/31
NF5288M4/SA5248M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
NF5568M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
NF5588M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
NP5540M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
NP5570M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
NP3020M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
P8000 2016/8/31 2021/8/31
SR-M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31
OCP-M4 2018/12/31 2023/12/31

Inspur M5 series servers have been made available as substitute products and can be supplied in bulk. We recommend that you choose the new products to continue enjoying the superior user experience provided by us. Attached is a list of new-generation products we recommend to you.

Table 2: List of Substitute Products

Original Product Model New Product Model
NF5280M4/SA5212M4 NF5280M5
NF5270M4 NF5270M5
NF5240M4/ SA5224M4 NF5270M5
NF5170M4 NF5180M5
NF5180M4/NF5112M4 NF5180M5
TS860G3 TS860G4
I9000 I48M5
I4008/NX5480M4 I48M5
SA5248M4 NF5280M5-V
NF8460M4 NF8260M5
NF8465M4 NF8260M5
NF8480M4 NF8480M5
I28M4 I24M5
I4008M4 I48M5
NF5166M4 NF5266M5
NF5460M4 NF5466M5
NF5288M4/SA5248M4 NF5280M5-V
NF5568M4 NF5468M5
NF5588M4 NF5488M5
NP5540M4 NP5570M5
NP5570M4 NP5570M5
NP3020M4 NP3020M5
P8000 I48M5