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Inspur G7 server platform fully supports 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. The 16 different types of servers making up the brand-new lineup are industry-leading in terms of performance, openness, intelligent operation & maintenance, and sustainability. Compared with the previous generation of Intel-based products, performance is improved by up to 61% and the computing performance per unit of power consumption is improved by up to 30%. The server platform is designed to be deployed in general-purpose computing, critical computing, AI, and other application scenarios.

  • Innovative & Open
    Provide more flexible computing power delivery for large-scale data centres through standard racks + standard servers + optional integration kits
    Support new storage media such as E3.S and E1.S, accommodates PCIe Gen5 SSDs and CXL memory expanders
    Define new standard for power supplies to increase PSU density by up to 4%
    Strengthen open source for firmware, improve management efficiency and reduce O&M costs
  • Refined Craftsmanship & Precision
    Redundancy in BIOS/BMC and other core components to ensure stable operation of the system and provide a perfect component protection mechanism
    Support boot memory inspection, MFP memory protection; memory failure to be alerted through algorithm matching
    Power capping enabled across the whole product line, to reduce the system power consumption if a power failure occurs probabilistically and to guarantee the physical non-downtime of the server, realizing hardware redundancy from software design
    Top level seismic certification
  • Green & Sustainable
    Fully support liquid cooling
    Partitioned intelligent regulation technology to effectively improve the efficiency of heat dissipation
    Front I/O architecture to improve the lifespan of heat-sensitive components and save energy and reduce consumption
    Innovative application of cushioned air bags for package materials to reduce the volume by 90% compared to traditional EPE padding, plastic material usage reduced by 30%, and 100% recyclable package materials
  • Intelligent & Efficient
    Support cloud-based operations and maintenance; online intelligent faults diagnosis enabled with an accuracy rate of up to 95%
    Dynamic management of standalone and data centre power consumption through intelligent power consumption management function to save energy consumption by about 15%, and real-time view of data centre carbon emissions and real-time monitoring of data centre energy consumption
    Type-C management port in the front to support express connection to a mobile app to enhance the convenience of system operation and maintenance
G7 server family supporting the latest 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

    Compact density-optimized rackmount server


    NF5170G7 is a mid-end high-density computing rackmount server. It supports up to two Intel® Xeon® 4th generation scalable processors. It is a cost-effective 1U server built with a streamlined design concept. It can support a maximum of four 3.5" hard drives, two M.2 and two E1.S SSDs or ten 2.5" hard drives in the front, and supports one Raid card, a maximum of three standard PCIe slots in the rear. The ultimate balance between overall compute performance and scalability, with a refined design to meet the needs of lightweight workload business, while meeting high-density data center deployment requirements.

    General purpose density-optimized rackmount server


    NF5180G7 is powered by the Intel® Xeon® 4th generation scalable processor, designed to maximize performance, density, and scalability in a 1U space, and is suitable for high-performance computing, virtualization, and various computing-intensive application scenarios. The storage combination has a great matrix. It supports a maximum of twelve pieces of 2.5" SAS/SATA/NVMe hard disks or sixteen pieces of E1.S SSD all-flash configurations to meet diverse storage needs. It meets the requirements of scalability and networking balance. At the same time, three heat dissipation schemes, air cooling, cold plate liquid cooling, and immersion liquid cooling are introduced into the 1U model for the first time to meet the low PUE requirements of the data center.


    Optimized rackmount servers for enterprise scenarios

    NF5270G7 is a mid-range 2U dual-socket rackmount server built upon the fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor, which is tailored for application scenarios such as small-scale virtualization, databases, and office OA systems with a streamlined design concept. The architecture is simple and the configuration is flexible. The front window supports a maximum of twenty-four SAS/SATA hard disks, and sixteen NVMe SSDs. The rear window can be equipped with seven pieces of standard PCIe external cards. Easy to modify, it is the best solution in terms of cost performance.


    Flagship rackmount servers for full scenarios


    NF5280G7 is a high-end 2U dual-socket rack server powered by the fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processor. As the flagship model of Inspur server line, the NF5280G7 maintains consistently high-specification performance of Inspur servers. The front supports a maximum of twenty-five SAS/SATA or twenty-four E3.S/U.2 NVMe hard drives, and the rear supports a maximum of thirteen PCIe slots, two OCP 3.0 cards, support optional RAID card; this product meets the application configuration requirements of various industries with strong compute performance, comprehensive ecological compatibility, and flexible configuration transformation, and is suitable for various business scenarios.

    Dual-socket: High-density computing optimized multi-node server

    Node: NS5170-M7-A0-R0-00
    i24G7 can provide four dual-socket server nodes in 2U space. Each node supports up to two 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, 16 DIMM slots of DDR5 memories, two standard PCIe Gen5 x16 cards, and one OCP 3.0 PCIe Gen.5 x16 card. Diskless, 4-disk and 8-disk configurations are optionally supported. Power supply in N+N redundancy is supported.


    Single-socket: High-density computing optimized multi-node server

    Node: NS3160-M7-A0-R0-00
    i24G7-1S is a single socket high-density optimized multinode server powered by 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Delivers peak performance, high reliability, and intelligent power and fan control in a standard 2U rack, i24M7-1S also offers flexible storage configurations while conserving rack space, energy consumption, and deployment costs. i24M7 is built upon high-performance computing, virtualization, and other computation-intensive application scenarios.