Inspur TS860M5

the new generation 8-socket mission critical server

Key Features

Rapid computing performance

The TS860M5 supports up to 8 x latest generation  Intel® Xeon® scalable processors. Its excellent parallel computing power includes a maximum frequency of 3.8 GHz, a Level- 3 cache of 39 MB, up to 224 cores, and 448  threads.

Compared to other servers that utilize the first-generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processor series, the upgraded TS860M5  offers an at least 20% enhancement in computing performance and up to a 20% increase in internal bandwidth. In doing so, it fully meets the requirements of key applications such as large-scale transaction databases, memory databases, virtualized integrationvirtualization and integration , large-scale ERP, and high-performance computing.

Modular and flexible design

The modular I/O design supports full-height and half-height I/O modules, which can be flexibly configured according to user demand in I/O scalability.

The modular hard drive design supports up to 24 x  3.5-inch hard drives and can be configured to support 12 x NVMe hard drives. It also supports configurations of up to 50 x 2.5-inch hard drives for SAP HANA applications.

The fully modular design allows each module to operate independently and be configured flexibly.

Comprehensive fault-tolerant design

The TS860M5 has over 80 x RAS features supporting a fully modular fault-tolerant design. Therefore, the TS860M5 is extremely suitable for key applications with stringent reliability requirements.

The external PCIe card supports hot-swapping for single cards and supports up to 12 x single card hot-swapping operations of external PCIe cards; the PSU supports N+N/N+M redundancy, supports cold and warm redundancy modes, and realizes swapping within microseconds; and the system fans support N+1 redundancy.

The BIOS ROM supports module redundancy and BMC dual mirroring redundancy, can be configured to support global clock redundancy and seamless clock source switching, and has an extremely small probability of failure.

Multidimensional fault diagnosis

By configuring the system with an OLED display, users can check the server asset information, view and set the management IP address, monitor the power consumption and operating temperature of the chassis, and view the fault information codes.

The processor and memory support offline light path diagnostics to facilitate the identification of malfunctioning components.

The embedded oscilloscope and in-depth hardware diagnosis and analysis functions are able to record and analyze fault signals and rapidly determine the source of error, the software level code-level diagnostics determine the source of code-level faults and black box logging and instant screen capture and video recording of crashes are supported.

Technical Specifications




4U rackmount


Supports up to 8 x Intel® Xeon® series scalable processors:

Supports up to 28 cores with a frequency of 3.8 GHz

3 x UPI interconnected chains with maximum speed of 10.4 GT/s per chain, maximum power of 205W


Intel C622/C624/C627


Supports up to 96 x DDR4 2400/2666/2933 MT/s RDIMM/LRDIMMs, can be configured to support 48 x Optane™ PMems

Each CPU supports 12 x DIMMs, 8 CPUs support 96 x DIMM/RDIMM/LRDIMMs; each DIMM supports up to 64 GB; each Optane™ PMems supports up to 128 GB


Front: Supports up to 24 x 3.5-inch or 50 x 2.5-inch hard drives. Can be configured to support 12 x NVMe SSDs

Internal: Each compute node supports 2 x M.2 SSDs. System supports up to 4 x M.2 SSDs

Storage controller

Dedicated internal RAID card slot supports a standard RAID controller NVMe controller interface on motherboard configurable with Intel NVMe RAID Key

Network port

The server supports 2 x OCP/PHY cards

PHY: Supports 2/4 x cards at a 1 GB/10 GB network port configuration

OCP: Supports 1/2 x cards at a 10 Gb/25 Gb network port configuration

Standard PCIe Ethernet card: Supports 1/10/25/40/100 GB

I/O expansion slot

Half-height I/O configuration: Expands up to 14 x full-length, half-height, standard PCIe slots, with 2 x internal RAID card slots; Full-height I/O configuration: Expands up to 10 x full-length, full-height, standard PCIe slots, with 2 x internal RAID card slots


Front: 2 x USB3.0 port, 1 x VGA port, 1 x RJ45 port

Rear: 2 x USB3.0 port, 1 x VGA port, 1 x 1 GB management port, 1 x BMC serial port

Internal: 2 x USB3.0 ports (per compute node)


16 x hot-swappable N+1 redundancy system fans

Power supply

Supports 4 x 1300W/1600W PSUs (platinum), N+N/N+M redundancy

System management

Each compute node supports 1 x BMC management module, supports IPMI, SOL, KVM Over IP, and virtual media, supports BMC mirroring redundancy

Operating system

Supports Windows/ Red Hat/ SUSE/ Centos/ Debian/ XenServer/ Oracle Linux/ ESXi/ Ubuntu etc


448mm (W) x 175.5mm (H) x 800mm (D)

17.64 inch (W) x 6.91 inch (H) x 31.50 inch (D)


Less than 110kg at full load, please refer to the technical white paper for further details

Operating temperature



Depending on configuration (please refer to the technical white paper for more details)

Performance Data SPEC official result: Link                    Best application: Intel Xeon Platinum 8260  Intel Xeon Platinum 8253




TS860M5 Whitepaper.pdf

Inspur TS860M5