Inspur NF5266M5

2U24 servers optimized for storage

Key Features

Large storage capacity

The NF5266M5 supports up to 24 x 3.5-inch hard drives and 4 x 2.5-inch hard drives, offering 50% higher storage density than conventional 2U12 servers.

It supports 4 x hot-swappable U.2 NVMe SSDs and meets the requirements for quick data access in virtualization and distributed architecture applications.

Flexible scalability

Supports multiple RAID card/SAS card configurations according to user choice.

Supports SAS/SATA/NVMe hard drives to meet the requirements of data layering operations.

Supports 1 Gb/10 Gb/25 Gb/100 Gb network expansions to meet the requirements of various business and server room environments.

Supports a single PCIe 3.0 expansion slot, further enhancing I/O and network performance.

High computing power

The NF5266M5 is based on the next-generation Intel ® Xeon ® Cascade Lake series scalable processors; supports up to 2 x 24-core CPUs to meet the performance requirements of various business applica-tions.

Supports 12 x 2933 MT/s DDR4 ECC memory (RDIMM/LDRIMM) and provides enhanced speed, excellent usability, and high capacity.


Based on humanization designs, online maintenance can be achieved. The hardware design is optimized to achieve quick disassembly, further lowering the maintenance time and increasing operation availability.

All hard drives on the system are hot-swappable. The hard drives support RAID 0/1/1E/10/5/50/50/60, provide RAID CAChe, and support SuperCap power loss protection.

Optimal operating environment is achieved by integrating Inspur’s unique intelligent control technology with an advanced cooling system, which also guarantees system operation stability and energy efficiency.

Intelligent management

The next-generation Inspur Server Baseboard Management Controller (ISBMC) system automatically performs management tasks to ensure the stable operation of the server.

The ISBMC platform is an Inspur-designed monitoring system that realizes real-time data collection and alerts.

Technical Specifications




2U rackmount server


Supports 1/2 x Intel®Xeon®4100/4200/5100/5200/6100/6200/8200 series scalable processors; 2 UPI interconnected chains with maximum speed of 10.4 GT/s per chain, maximum L3 cache of 30.25 MB; maximum power of 165 W


Intel C622 series


Supports up to 12 DIMMs; each processor supports 6 memory channels, maximum DIMM speed of 2933 MT/s

Two processors support up to 12 × 64GB DIMMs, maximum capacity of 768GB

Supports RDIMM, LRDIMM; DIMMS support ECC, memory mirroring, and memory rank sparing


Front nodes: Supports up to 24 x 3.5-inch hard drives

Rear nodes: Supports up to 4 x 2.5-inch hard drives

Internal nodes: 2 x M.2 SSDs; supports SAS/SATA/SSD

Storage controller

SATA controller on motherboard, supports RAID 0/1/5/10; NVMe controller interface on motherboard configurable with Intel NVMe RAID key; supports multiple external RAID card/SAS card configurations according to user choice

Network port

The server supports 1 x OCP card or 1 x PHY card

PHY: Supports 2/4 x cards at a 1 Gb/10 Gb network port configuration

OCP: Supports 1/2 x cards at a 10 Gb/25 Gb network port configuration

Standard PCIe Ethernet card: Supports 1/10/25/40/100 Gb

I/O expansion slot

Supports up to 4 x standard PCIe slots and 1 x OCP/PHY card slot

Riser module 1 expands to 2 x PCIe3.0 x16 ports

Riser module 2 expands to 2 x PCIe3.0 x8 ports


Front (chassis ports): 1 x VGA port + 2 x USB3.0 ports Rear: 1 x VGA port + 2 x USB3.0 ports + 1 x RJ45 dedicated BMC management network port


5 x hot-swappable N+1 redundancy fans

Power supply

Supports 2 x 800W/1300W PSUs, 1+1 redundancy

System management

1 x dedicated 1000 Gb network port for IPMI2.0 remote management.

Operating system

Supports Windows Server/ Red Hat/ SUSE/ Centos/ Oracle Linux etc.


446mm (W) x 88mm (H) x 850mm (D)

17.56 inch (W) x 3.46 inch (H) x 33.46 inch (D)


Less than 60kg at full load, please refer to the technical white paper for further details

Working temperature

5℃ - 35℃


Performance Data SPEC official result: Link                  Best application: Intel Xeon Silver 4214R



INSPUR NF5266M5 datasheet 20200415.pdf

NF5266M5 Product Technical White Paper.pdf

Inspur NF5266M5