Inspur NF5260M5

Mainstream Server Designed for CSP Business

Key Features

Excellent computing, storage and scalability

Supports the new generation of Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, with up to 28 cores and 56 threads per CPU, up to 24*DDR4-2933 memories. DIMM slots support 12 x Optane™ PMem memories, which significantly improves application performance.

It achieves multi-dimensional space extension, supports up to 12 x 3.5”drives in 2U space. In addition, it can also support up to 18 x NVMe SSDs to provide ultra-high storage performance.

Optimize for different applications

Flexible module combinations offering from storage, I/O, network to cover all demanding scenarios.

Provides ample I/O interfaces and offers up to 4 PCIe 3.0 slots and 1 OCP PCIe slot in a small 2U chassis, meeting the system and performance demand of high-end customers.

Excellent low-noise and thermal design

With systematic low-noise design, the thermal duct design can “stay cool” with N+1 redundant fans.

Intelligent monitoring and comprehensive management

In order to simplify the device management in data center, Inspur Dashboard visual management module is provided. With the help of Inspur Light Path Diagnostics, administrators can quickly locate the device to be maintained, which greatly reduces the workload of the administrators.

Supports embedded high-capacity flash memory, with built-in Inspur InCloud Manager, which greatly simplifies the user’s equipment deployment, management and maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Form Factor

2U Rack


Supports 1/2 Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor,TDP: up to 205W


Intel C622


Up to 24*DDR4 2666/2933 MT/s memory

Single CPU supports up to 12*DIMMs, dual CPUs support up to 24*DIMMs

Supports RDIMM/LRDIMM/ Optane™ PMem

Supports up to 3072GB (128GB per memory module)


Front: Supports up to 12*2.5”/12*3.5”SATA SSDs or 18* NVMe SSDs

Built-in: Supports up to 2*M.2 SSD

Rear: Supports up to 2* NVMe SSDs

(The maximum quantity of supported hard drives is configuration-specific)

Storage Controller

Onboard SATA controller,supports RAID 0/1/5/10

Onboard NVMe controller without Raid Key:Only available for Raid 0

Optional configured with high-performance SAS/RAID controller with cache to support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60, supports battery and capacitor protection


Supports 1* OCP card

Standard PCIe Ethernet card: Supports 1|10|25 GbE

I/O Scalable Slot

Supports up to 4*PCIe 3.0 slots (x16*3 / x8*1) + 1*OCP PCIe slot


Front:2 x USB 2.0/1 x UID indicator(blue)& button

Built-in:1 x serial port

Rear:2 x USB 3.0/1 x VGA/1 x UID indicator(blue)& button

System Fan

4* hot-swappable N+1 redundant 8056 fans (dual-rotor)


Supports 2* 800W/1300W PSUs (platinum), 1+1 redundancy

System Management

Onboard BMC management module, supporting IPMI, SOL, KVM Over IP, virtual media and other management features; providing one 1Gb RJ45 management interface (supporting NCSI); supporting SSD life detection and other functions


Supports RHEL7.X/ RHEL6.X/ Windows Server 2016/ Windows Server 2019/ CentOS 7.x/ Vmware Exsi 6.x/ SUSE 12.x/ Ubuntu 16.x/ Ubuntu 18.x


448mm(W) x 87.6mm(H) x 780mm(D)


Host weight of standard configuration(12*hard drives): 28.2kg;

Gross weight: 34.3kg (including host+ package+ rail kit+ components box)

Working Temperature

10℃ -35℃, please refer to the technical white paper for details

Inspur NF5260M5