The difference between GPU server and CPU

28 December 2020

Because the development of science and technology, more companies choose GPU server. When GPU card is broken, it is difficult for non professionals to replace the GPU card without professional assistance. Because most GPU and CPU cards have similar functions, it is difficult to distinguish them. There are the list of main differences between GPU server and CPU.

1、 Different instruction sets

Usually the common CPU for PC have a complex instruction set. It pursues a large and comprehensive instruction set, Integrate the most common functions into one module. But the call speed and hit rate of CPU are lower than GPU server. The purpose of GPU server's instructions are to simplify the instruction set. The advantage of this design is more specific which can be optimized according to different needs, and has higher energy efficiency.

2、 Different caches

Because GPU server has a higher demand for computing performance, it usually adopts the most advanced technology and process. It is equipped with level 1, level 2 and level 3 cache, and has strong operation ability. GPU servers have been using level 3 caching for a long time.

3、 Different interfaces

Most of the time the interface of GPU server and CPU are different. The interfaces of most GPU servers are socket 771, Socket 775, lga2011 and lga1150. Although many of them have the same interface as a normal CPU but they don't match the same motherboard. GPU servers are generally equipped with a motherboard without a video card slot. CPU core graphics card can meet the needs.

4、 Different stability requirements

GPU server can work stably for a long time. It is designed to work continuously all year round. Compared with home CPU, GPU server has great advantages in stability and reliability. Generally, GPU servers are run 365 days, and only occasionally shut down for maintenance which requires high stability. The general CPU is designed to work continuously for 72 hours. When the PC is not using, we used to keeping it off. They might be turned off every day.

5、 Different multi-channel interconnection support

Multi channel interconnection is a technology on the server. For example, the server motherboard can have multiple CPU slots at the same time, and multiple CPUs can be installed at the same time. This is CPU multi-channel interconnection technology. This technology is only supported by GPU server. Only one CPU can be installed on a motherboard for PC, which does not support multi-channel interconnection.

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