Can artificial intelligence solutions be used in the field of medical imaging?

01 March 2021

Artificial intelligence has brought great help to people's daily life and work. Many fields involve artificial intelligence services. Can this type of scheme be adopted in the field of medical imaging to reduce daily workload? There is no problem in using artificial intelligence solutions in the field of medical imaging, and many industries and enterprises have been using this type of solutions, the actual use of functionality makes many users very satisfied.

For example, the wave of cutting-edge enterprises in the field of server has withdrawn, and the medical imaging artificial intelligence solutions have brought great help to many institutions and enterprises in the medical field. Inspur provides an artificial intelligence solution for medical image, which can achieve the sample data preprocessing function. Each laboratory of the hospital, such as CT, BT, Cr, transmits the medical image data from the terminal equipment through the 10 Gigabit / IB network to the parallel storage. The data preprocessing CPU platform (a cluster composed of multiple dual CPU servers nf5280m5) reads the data from the storage and runs the edge detection Test segmentation, region growth segmentation, seed algorithm and other programs, obtain the target data, and then label to form a training sample library, which is stored in parallel storage. The management, scheduling and monitoring of CPU program will be completed by the unified management platform AIStation. Through the model training and model application, the effect will be more ideal.

Artificial intelligence can bring great help to users. The artificial intelligence solutions used in the field of medical imaging can not only help doctors make the location analysis of patients' diseases, but also reduce doctors' workload in daily work through auxiliary mode. It can also significantly improve work efficiency, and effectively reduce the possibility of errors in work At present, more than 90% of the data processed in the medical field comes from the medical image category, so the role of using artificial intelligence solutions in this level is very obvious.

In order to effectively improve the work efficiency in the medical field, it is necessary to reduce the time spent on medical image processing. Through the customized artificial intelligence solution, this kind of problem can be fundamentally solved. This service of Inspur is advantageous to many users in the medical field.