Can companies in the power equipment sector use AI solutions

01 March 2021

Enterprise business process, whether to use artificial intelligence solution, for enterprise's overall performance is very big still, the effects of using this type of system can not only effectively reduce the enterprise cost expenditure, is particularly important, in the efficiency level can also be increased, thus there are a lot of enterprises hope to go to the new this type of solution, electric power equipment enterprise whether can use the artificial intelligence solution?

At present, some enterprises in the field of power equipment in China have used artificial intelligence solutions, and the application effect is very ideal. For example, the corresponding solutions provided by Inwave for users, data 3D modeling + background synthesis technology, can quickly generate simulation database; And the development of automatic labeling program, can make the machine automatically generate sample labels; In addition, due to the independent modeling, it can enhance the data of all angles and sizes of deformation, and form the training sample data set quickly and efficiently.

The model training GPU cluster (configured with a stand-alone 8-card GPU server, such as NF5288M5) will read the training sample database data from the parallel storage, load the CNN model, and run the deep learning framework. Model application. Power station staff collect pictures and data of various equipment by controlling UAV, inspection robot or fixed camera, etc., and transmit the collected data to the power auxiliary detection server P8000 (desktop server, equipped with multiple P4 GPUs or FPGA cards) deployed in the power station studio.

From the above content, it can be seen that the artificial intelligence solutions provided by Inspur can help the vast majority of enterprises in the field of power equipment to solve existing problems and effectively improve their work efficiency.

Inspur provides users with AI solutions that can help them solve most of their problems. Wave as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, the research and development of artificial intelligence solution, not only contains the inspection field of power equipment, and also include financial and speech recognition in many areas, such as actual use effect is ideal, whether in the service quality level, or in the late stage of the after-sales service follow up level, have been numerous users good evaluation.