Do AI servers work better than normal servers ?

01 March 2021

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, this type of product is also adopted at the server level. In the actual use process, does the AI server have more advantages than the ordinary server? From the actual use effect and can bring to the enterprise help level analysis, AI server has some advantages that ordinary servers can not be compared, so the use of functional level of this category of server use effect is undoubtedly more ideal.

The artificial intelligence infrastructure market tracking for this also carried on the thorough investigation, in which clearly shows that only in the stage of artificial intelligence in 2019 to reach $2.09 billion infrastructure market scale, the GPU server accounts for 96.1% of market share and industry forecasts, 2024 phase GPU Chinese server market scale will reach $6.4 billion. For example, the AI server launched by the wave, which occupies the leading position in the industry, has been well appraised by many users.

In terms of the hardware architecture of the server, the common server adopts the serial architecture and mainly uses the CPU as the computing power provider. The improvement of its computing power is mainly realized by the heap core. Inspur AI server uses heterogeneous forms, such as CPU+GPU, CPU+TPU, CPU+ other acceleration cards and other combinations. However, CPU+GPU is widely used now, so when the industry talks about AI server, it will also be considered as GPU server.

Why is the demand for AI servers on the rise in various industries? The reason is very simple. The qualitative change of computing power and data is the key to help enterprises in various industries. Therefore, the frequency of use of this type of server is also increasing. CPU in form has been unable to meet the needs of machine learning and deep learning, so AI server has become the first choice in the industry and the inevitable trend. For example, the NF5280M5 server, NF5468M5 server and other types of AI server launched by wave have been highly praised by many users.