Do Artificial Intelligence solutions have to be based on cloud computing?

01 March 2021

Artificial Intelligence is the popular words in recent years, both in the service sector, some enterprises and institutions or some manufacturing companies, etc., are used in the enterprise layout to Artificial Intelligence, which can effectively elevate work efficiency, save labor costs, so the technology innovation in the field of artificial intelligence in the number of products is also increasing, involves artificial intelligence will inevitably involve the problem of deep learning model, need a lot of data analysis, artificial intelligence solution deployment, there are a lot of companies will be deployed in the cloud, there are a few researchers in local deployment. Does this type of solution have to rely on cloud computing?

Is not always rely on this type of solution in cloud computing, but need to know about cloud computing faster, local deployment server, not only the high cost of expenditure, is the general enterprise hard to bear, the more important thing is compared in terms of speed and efficiency, and cloud computing, still can make a big difference, so from the price level consider artificial intelligence solution dominated by cloud computing is more appropriate. It involves a large amount of storage, data computing and other types of information, and the cloud as a deep learning platform for artificial intelligence can bring an ideal acceleration effect.

Taking Inwave artificial intelligence cloud solution as an example, it supports large-scale machine learning and deep learning applications, and users can realize data processing, model training, application reasoning and other applications. Deploy a variety of typical deep learning frameworks and machine learning algorithm library environments, such as TensorFlow,Caffe-MPI,CNTK, MXNet,Torch, etc., for user convenience. According to the application resource requirements and computing characteristics of machine learning and deep learning, different computing resources, such as CPU cluster for data processing, can be configured to realize the fast processing of training data. It can be seen from these supporting contents that it can bring significant help to the corresponding enterprises in the industry.

Choose artificial intelligence solution of cloud services, must focus on how the quality of its service brand to brand in the industry leading enterprises as the preferred is undoubtedly the most ideal of a pattern, the reason is that this type of artificial intelligence solution enterprise credibility is high, service quality is guaranteed, problems can solve the problem, the first time under the condition of the wave, for example, it is because the wave do this, so by users in many industries.