What are the differences between deep learning solutions and traditional learning?

01 March 2021

In the field of computer, technology is mainly based on machines, and in the process of development, machine learning will also be a new research direction in this field, and this kind of machine learning is the concept of deep learning. There are certain differences between deep learning solutions and traditional learning, and the comparison between the two enables people to better understand these exclusive concepts.

1. Learning content of deep learning solutions

The so-called deep learning refers to learning the rules in the sample data and how to express them and how deep to express them. In the process of learning, the author analyzes the information obtained, so as to master some information from the human world, such as text, images, and sound data. The purpose of machine learning is to be able to communicate and analyze autonomously like human beings, and at the same time have certain learning ability.

2. Differences between deep learning solutions and normal learning

Learning is always from the shallow to the deep, and the shallow learning is generally to stay on the surface of the basic information. The deep learning solution emphasizes the depth of the model structure, so it contains more than 5 hidden layers of nodes, which indicates that he has more learning space, and even the future development space involves the category of thinking.

The deep learning solution also transforms the feature representation of the original space into a new content through the different features of each layer. Through the statistics of big data, the deep learning can be carried out to generate rich data information. Training successful network models will help people eventually realize the need for automated processing.

3. Practical application of deep learning solutions

The first is visual recognition, just like the human eyes, the things we see are recognized by the machine to confirm the value of the existence of things. The second is speech recognition, equivalent to our present voice command, and the future development of the main animal treasure is able to effectively imitate, reduce the error rate. And the last one is the processing of language, the translation, the communication that allows machines to digest natural language and turn it into a language that can be communicated.

The future of science and technology development is to realize the coexistence of man and machine, which is a good vision. For Inspur Info, the servers developed so far are leading the world in language, text and video processing, meeting the needs of customers while pursuing greater technological progress.