Is there a need for servers in artificial intelligence solutions

01 March 2021

In order to effectively reduce labor costs and maximize work efficiency, many industry enterprises pay attention to artificial intelligence solutions. Is there any requirement for servers in the new type of solutions? Under the premise of this type of requirements, there is still a certain demand for servers. The comprehensive ability of traditional servers at this level is relatively general AI server should be the dominant.

For example, the AI server launched by Inspur can meet the needs of users. Inspur acme computing density artificial intelligence server agx-2 (nf5288m5) supports the second generation of intelligent Intel & amp; Xeon & amp; gt; extensible processor, and supports 8 Tesla GPU accelerators in 2U space. It is currently the server with the highest GPU density in unit space. The GPU card supports sxm2 and PCIe interfaces, supports NVIDIA? Nvlink2.0 high-speed interconnection technology, and achieves 300gb / s aggregate bandwidth between GPUs. The hybrid cubemesh interconnection improves the delay of multi GPU data sharing, provides better speedup ratio for computing, reduces system delay, and has strong overall performance. The application of the server in the field of artificial intelligence solutions has a significant effect.

Agx-2 holds two latest second-generation Intel & amp; Xeon & amp; gt; scalable processors in 2U space. It can support eight nvlink GPUs or eight standard PCI AI accelerators. Among them, nvlink configuration supports eight world's most advanced GPUs, namely Volta architecture V100, and is equipped with nvlink 2.0, the world's most advanced GPU interconnection technology. Single machine can provide 60tflops double precision computing power and 960tflops tensor computing performance.

This server product launched by Inspur has the characteristics of strong adaptability and outstanding functions. It has low power consumption in application and adopts the water cooling mode, which can effectively eliminate the fault caused by equipment overheating in long-term use.

All kinds of server products launched by Inspur are at the forefront of the industry, both in terms of performance and practical technology. In order to bring users better experience of server products, Inspur has launched different types of products at the functional level of servers. AI servers suitable for application of artificial intelligence solutions are loved by many types of users in the industry The effect is very good.