What type of server should be purchased for deep learning solutions?

01 March 2021

 Many enterprises will involve artificial intelligence in business development, which can not only improve work efficiency but also effectively reduce costs and expenses. Therefore, many enterprises focus on deep learning solutions. With this demand as the core, which type of server is more suitable to buy? Users with needs should focus on AI server.

Taking NF5488M5-D as an example, Inspur's artificial intelligence server NF5488M5-D integrates eight third-generation NVLink fully interconnected NVIDIA A100 GPUs in 4U space and carries two mainstream second-generation Intel & Xeon &Scalable processor, providing leading AI computing technology and mature ecological support, is suitable for the most challenging AI applications such as intelligent customer service, financial analysis, smart city, natural language processing and other AI applications.

Eight NVLink3.0 fully interconnected A100 GPUs are integrated with 4U space, providing 300 times of floating-point computing power of the general dual server, which is suitable for larger and more complex training scenarios.

4U 8GPU design helps AI users efficiently complete the construction of AI infrastructure and development environment, and reduce deployment and operation costs while enjoying higher computing performance.

Based on NVIDIA CUDA application ecology, the Delta system is seamlessly transplanted; based on the Intel platform, business migration cost is minimized and avoided to meet the needs of AI users for extreme computing power and quick deployment.

As can be seen from the above, this product, as the server of deep learning solution, has a very good effect, whether it is used in the field of intelligent customer service or financial analysis.

As a leading enterprise in the industry, Inspur intelligent server occupies more than 50% of the market share in China's sales market. Inspur's outstanding ability in product sales is related to the continuous investment of enterprises in new technology R & D. By using technology to drive product brand, the server products sold by Inspur have been highly recognized by users in both domestic and international markets. When users encounter problems, Inspur's fast follow-up service mode has been highly praised by users.