What are the characteristics of wave's all flash storage products ?

01 March 2021

Inspur's enterprise development has been based on advanced technology, products to customer demand as the main goal of the corresponding product upgrade. There are many problems of all-flash memory in the market, and the products launched by Inspur all-flash memory products after deeply plough customer demand can better meet the market demand in terms of characteristics.

1. Perfect infrastructure and more efficient performance

The high-end all-flash memory of HF-G5 series launched by Inspur adopts the multi-controller PCLE exchange architecture as the main infrastructure, which is fully modular in design, and also realizes the load balance among various controllers. The availability of the system is effectively improved and maintained.

Secondly, the all-flash memory of the product supports horizontal expansion to achieve the purpose of linear growth of the customer's storage resources. Even if the customer's business is constantly changing, it will not affect the specific data storage problems, and it is more reliable and safe.

2. Unified platform software, more free data movement

The unified management platform provided by wave can realize the free migration of data. Enterprise customers can upgrade from low-end products to high-end products by changing the controller. In this process, data does not need to be migrated and can be stored directly. The management features of the unified platform focus on the movement of data with other forms, without limiting the scope.

3. Intelligent data storage

In Inspur HF-G5 products, storage resources will not be restricted by physical environment in the process of allocation, which can help enterprises expand storage space according to business requirements after low cost investment, so as to improve resource utilization.

At the same time, the product itself has intelligent cloning, intelligent snapshot and intelligent backup three functions. The primary parent is to provide protection for local data, saving storage space while reducing investment costs. The protection function in the all-flash array enables data recovery at any point in time.

Enterprise in the process of development with the demand of the market to change its own supply and marketing relationship, but the data storage is a summary of history, is also a basis for the future development of high-end full flash memory products in the original data can carry on the expansion to the storage space at the same time, compatible with new data content, planning to help enterprises to carry out efficient data analysis, wave is committed to technology change management, to provide customers with a better solution.