Is it good for Internet companies to choose entry-level hybrid flash storage?

01 March 2021

Many Internet companies pay more attention to the purchase of entry-level hybrid flash memory. Compared with traditional products, is the effect of this type of product ideal? This kind of product is oriented to the entry-level storage of enterprise structured and unstructured applications and can meet the needs of most enterprises in practical use. Therefore, it is ideal to use this kind of product. Which product should be the first choice?

Inspur's AS2600G2 hybrid flash storage is worth choosing. It can provide block and file services in the same storage system, simplify the data center architecture, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and flexibly respond to different business needs. It also supports FC and ISCSI and meets the storage requirements of the database, file sharing, cloud computing and other applications.

Inspur ‘s AS2600G2 mixed flash storage supports online horizontal expansion and supports up to 8 controllers, which makes users' storage resources grow linearly and meets the changing needs of customers' business. It adopts full redundant architecture, full modularization, redundant cache and dual-active controller design. AS2600G2 supports up to 2400 hard disks and 256GB cache, which can be expanded to 8 controllers, improves the overall storage performance, eliminates the performance bottleneck in the complex application environment, and supports dual storage. Intelligent local replication includes three local data protection functions: intelligent clone, intelligent snapshot and intelligent backup, which can meet the requirements of application testing, development, analysis and backup, and effectively save storage space and reduce investment cost. It can create a mirror image of the volume mapped to the host and save two identical copies of data in two storage pools respectively. When any copied data is damaged, it can provide uninterrupted application IO access.

As can be seen from the above, this hybrid storage can meet the needs of most enterprise users. As a leading enterprise in the field of servers in China, Inspur is in the leading position in many aspects of technology research and development. In the later stage, Inspur can also meet the needs of all users at the level of service quality follow-up.

In the process of a product purchase, users need to pay attention to a lot of problems. When purchasing hybrid flash products, they need to pay attention not only to the practical effect but also to the follow-up technical support and so on, which are the advantages of Inspur in the industry.