What is a 200tb Storage Server for a Growing Business?

20 April 2021

Most businesses use Hard Disk Drive in their computers as their single most important primary storage medium. It is obvious that computers are handled by staff in an enterprise, and the data created or removed is first implemented on the HDD. It is also the easiest available storage space as each computer has it. Most PCs these days have an external hard disk and most users like a minimum of 500GB of external space for their PCs.

In the current market, you will find both internal and external hard disks are in great demand. It is not surprising to find a range of hard disks up to 6TB storage spaces that you can easily buy from the online market. For small enterprises, this would enable them to store more data shortly. However, if you plan to scale pretty higher, you will need a much bigger array of storage, which could go up to 200tb storage servers.

NAS and SAN Single Storage Device

If your business has to manage the phenomenal increase in data in the future during its expansion, you may have to adopt a NAS or SAN single storage device. This is especially so when the computers in your office have only 6 or 10td of storage capacity. NAS or Network Attached Storage is a single storage device that facilitates files to be served over Ethernet. SAN or Storage Area Network is a tightly coupled network consisting of several or multiple devices.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then NAS is definitely for your business as it is relatively less expensive. SAN, on the other hand, is not only expensive but also complex to set up. Therefore, you may find NAS with a 200tb storage server most appropriate to take care of your long data management objectives. NAS is even easier to manage than SAN.

NAS is file-level storage and is connected to a computer network whereby data access is provided to specific groups of clients. NAS will serve files by using its hardware, software, or with the help of configuration of these. It is good in a system that follows more than one hard disk drive. It also means your business can easily scale up to a 200tb storage server for network accessibility.

Features of NAS

Most business prefers NAS over SAN as it is less expensive and can deliver NFS or CIFS storage. Some enterprises also make this network deliver iSCSI and FCoE. Businesses choose NAS because it is similar to other drives, although different firmware, tolerance to vibration, or power dissipation. In some NAS versions, it supports a command extension whereby error recovery is disabled. This makes them very suitable for RAID arrays.

Although SAN is high-speed, businesses find NAS as more supporting to their data storage problem. If your business needs a storage server, you must make sure that you choose the most suited to your needs. This is because, in the long run, any anomalies on the data storage front can be cumbersome.