What's a 1U server?

15 January 2021

1. What's "U" ?

"U" in server domain, especially refers to rack-type server thickness, is a means of server external size, is the abbreviation of Unit, the detailed size of the industry as a group of the United States Electronics Industry Association (EIA) decided. The purpose of sizing a server is to keep it in the right size to fit on an iron or aluminum rack. The rack has a fixed server screw hole, it and the server screw hole good, fixed with screws.

2. What is a 1U server?

The thickness is measured in 4.445 cm. 1 U is 4.445 CM, 2 U is 2 Times 1 U is 8.89 cm. That is to say, the so-called "1U rack-mounted server" , is the shape meets EIA specifications, the thickness of 4.445 CM products. Rack-mounted servers are servers that can be mounted on a 19-inch industrial-standard cabinet. The purpose of using the cabinet version is to install more servers within the limited space rights. Rack-type Server has 1U, 2U, 4U, 6U, 8u and many other specifications. The chassis width of a rack-mounted server is the same, and the U is the chassis height of the rack-mounted Server, 1u = 1.75 inches.

3. 1 U server performance

As for performance, it depends on the specific configuration of the server. Rack servers and non-rack servers perform exactly the same in the same configuration, but rack servers are generally more expensive than non-rack servers. There is 1U, 2U and other small-size rack-type server internal scalability is poor, but high space utilization, large-size rack-type server on the contrary. Typically, a 1U rack-mounted server is the most space-efficient, but has poor performance and scalability, making it suitable for relatively fixed areas of use.

4. Features

1)High performance, powerful and efficient

Support for the second generation Intel xeon expandable processors, up to 28 cores and 56 threads per CPU, up to 24 DDR4-2933 Ram, memory capacity up to 3TB SUPPORT 10 hot-plugged NVMe SSD full-flash configuration, can provide ten times more IOPs than high-end enterprise-class Sata SSD, storage performance to achieve a qualitative leap.

2)It's got all the bells and whistles and the bells and whistles

Supports up to 43.5"hard drives and 2.5"SSD drives, the machine supports up to 1222.5"hard drives, built-in 2 M. 2 drives, storage capacity increase 1.67 times, achieve mass storage. OCP and PHY cards can be switched freely, providing 10G and 25G network interface options, providing more flexible network structure for applications.

3)Easy to maintain, safe and stable

Based on the concept of humanized design, the whole system can achieve tool-free maintenance. Through strengthening and optimizing part of the structure, fast disassembly and assembly can be realized, and operation time can be shortened greatly. Through the unique wave intelligent control technology with advanced air-cooling system to achieve the best working environment, to ensure the system stable operation BMC application of the latest technology, enabling technicians through the Web management interface and other guidance equipment, and through the UID indicator on the front panel to mark the failure of the machine, quickly found a failure (or is occurring, failure) components, thus simplifying maintenance, speed up problem solving, and improve system availability.