What is 2U Server?

15 January 2021

1. What's "U" ?

"U" in server domain, especially refers to rack-type server thickness, is a means of server external size, is the abbreviation of Unit, the detailed size of the industry as a group of the United States Electronics Industry Association (EIA) decided. The purpose of sizing a server is to keep it in the right size to fit on an iron or aluminum rack. The rack has a fixed server screw hole, it and the server screw hole good, fixed with screws.

2. What is a 2U server?

 The thickness is measured in 4.445 cm. 1 U is 4.445 CM, 2 U is 2 Times 1 U is 8.89 cm. In other words, the so-called "2U rack-mounted server, " is the shape of EIA specifications, the thickness of 8.89 cm products. Rack-mounted servers are servers that can be mounted on a 19-inch industrial-standard cabinet. The purpose of using the cabinet version is to install more servers within the limited space rights. Rack-type Server has 1U, 2U, 4U, 6U, 8u and many other specifications. The chassis width of a rack-mounted server is the same, and the U is the chassis height of the rack-mounted Server, 2u = 3.50 inches.

2U Server

3. Features

1) Product features

Extreme performance experience, a new computing platform to provide strong computing power, support a new generation of Intel to strong scalable processors, maximum support TDP 205W CPU. With a maximum frequency of 3.6 Ghz, 38.5 MB L3 cache and two 10.4 GT/s UPI interconnections, the server has high processing performance. With support for 24 hot-pluggable NVMe SSD full-flash configurations, the ultimate storage IO brings a quantum leap in storage performance and eliminates storage bottlenecks.

2) Flexible configuration select

Full Modular design, memory, IO, heterogeneous modules with on demand, can provide more than 30 application configuration. In the narrow space of 2U case, it can hold up to 203.5"hard disks, and 2 m. 2 hard disks are built in to realize the personalized choice of storage module. OCP and PHY cards can be switched freely, providing 1G, 10G, 25G and 40G network interface options, providing more flexible network structure for applications. Support for Intel Integrated I/O technology, PCI EXPRESS 3.0 controller can be integrated into Intel to strong extensible processor, can significantly reduce i/o latency and improve overall system performance.

3) The Power management technology of smart open

Management tide can help the user to monitor and control the Power consumption of the system in real time accurately. The Power consumption awareness technology (PTE) is realized exclusively. PTAS and Node manager 3.0 technology can be used to control the total Power consumption effectively, and further improve the performance of the overall IT architecture. Visual wave management module, managers can quickly identify the equipment to be maintained, greatly reducing the pressure of the administrator. The LED indicator lamp can not only save the space on the motherboard, but also display the time sequence of the server power up more directly and quickly, which brings convenience for the server debugging, enables the manager to quickly determine the equipment to be maintained, and greatly reduces the work pressure of the manager.