What is the concept of a GPU server and what does it do?

01 March 2021

The use of servers is based on a large data base, and to improve the sensory experience of customers, then it is necessary to upgrade the configuration of the server. From a professional point of view, GPU servers exist to do video, deep learning, and scientific computing in order to speed up computing. The capabilities of GPU in the server launched by Inspur are fully applied, and the purpose of sharing is also realized. And what do its specific capabilities consist of ?

1. Excellent graphics processing ability

The existence of the GPU is to build the information input by the system, and rendered, at the same time using a buffer memory, the data processing and preservation, the emergence of GPU server reduces the computer in the process of using graphics for CPU, will separate open up the functions of graphics processing, not only improves the visual feeling, also reducing the pressure on the computer's overall operation.

2. Efficient computing power

Inspur puts forward that the future is the era of wisdom, computing power is the real productivity, and the value of GPU is to enhance computing power. High-performance computing capacity effectively releases the computing pressure of the computer itself, and the improvement of efficiency naturally becomes an effective competitiveness.

Inspur's cloud management platform products provide functions and experiences that are consistent across the infrastructure, simplify complex IT environments, and help companies with efficient data processing, support multiple GPU acceleration cards, achieve converged broadband, and improve latency during data sharing.

3. Multi-capacity servers make computing more efficient

Among many products, it is necessary to match different GPU servers in order to achieve the purpose of use. AGX-2(NF5288M5), the Wave Ultimate Computing Artificial Intelligence Server, has two kinds of interface GPU cards, which is also the server with the highest GPU density in unit space at present. It supports the existence of 8 GPU servers to make computing more efficient.

In the traditional sense, the use of GPU can than ordinary server processing speed, image more clear, and for calculation of need, or the need to deal with the large data server, select the GPU accomodation high servers to meet the demand of daily operation, in the process of the establishment, the cloud services of all kinds of infrastructure high-end configuration to meet customer demand, and later in the operation process of the operation of the high level.