Whether the 1U server is still worth choosing

01 March 2021

The current server market in the 2U server market retention rate continues to improve, so some enterprises need to buy servers are more concerned about such a topic is whether 1U server is still worth choosing? If analyzed from the aspect of performance, there are certain differences between the two, but different types of enterprise work in the calculation amount will have essential differences, suitable for their own is the most appropriate, so it can be seen that 1U server is not unsuitable for choice.

First of all we have to get to know the gap between the two, 1 u is 4.45 cm, 2 u is 1 u 2 x 8.9 cm, 1 u server, thus contrast 2 u server space will be bigger, so to expand ability is stronger, if the enterprise business is very big, choose 2 u server natural right, if the enterprise business is just general, or is the medium level, choose 1 u server can completely meet the daily use, performance surplus is also a kind of waste, so at this time choose 1 u server or it's a good deal.

Which of the 1U server products is worth choosing? SA5112M5 is very suitable for some companies use, this product can support up to 4 pieces of 3.5 "and 2 SSD hard disk, or up to 10 pieces of 2.5" hard drive, this also let the server has the characteristics of small, and can be configured according to user's requirements in respect of configuration, these features make this product has the exclusive advantage, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide more efficient IT deployment ability a bit off, so this product for many companies, can satisfy the enterprise users needed for daily use.

1U server has the advantage is also very obvious, save space, low hosting cost, so for some small and medium-sized enterprises, it is very suitable to choose SA5112M5 this type of server.

Regardless of the users of the selected server for which type, there is a point is to be aware of, that is must be attention to its server enterprise reputation evaluation, such as wave good evaluation by many users in recent years, product sales not only in the domestic level in a line, wave produced a lot of server products also have high visibility and reputation in the world, both in product quality and after-sales support is in place, buy this type of brand products can later use.