Will HPC server become an industry trend in the future?

01 March 2021

Compared with the traditional server, HPC server has attracted the attention of many enterprise users. Will this type of server become an industry trend in the future? This is the concern of some users who are going to buy this type of equipment in the near future. This type of equipment can bring great help to enterprises and effectively reduce the time cost. Therefore, it is highly possible that this type of server will become an industry trend in the future.

In the first half of 2020, Central South University and Inspur start the construction of "intelligent computing Central South". The intelligent computing platform has more than 1000 devices. It adopts Inspur's mature and stable high-performance computing and artificial intelligence server as well as Inspur's AI micro module data center solution, with a total of 42 high-density IT chassis, with scientific and reasonable equipment layout, high density, the uniform distribution of power consumption and no hot spots. The design power of a single IT chassis can reach 19 kW, and the room area is 195 square meters. Previously, it was almost impossible to imagine that in 195 square meters of space, the computing cluster can reach more than 5000 trillion times of ultra-high computing power.

The intelligent computing platform is composed of 1058 Inspur high-density HPC computing nodes and AI server nodes. It uses Intel high-performance CPU and NVIDIA Tesla series GPU, with a total of 50896 computing cores. The theoretical computing power of CPU is 4856 trillion times, the theoretical computing power of GPU is 788 trillion times, and the aggregate computing power of the whole computing cluster reaches 5644 trillion times. The computing power is among the top universities in China Flat.

It can be seen that in the algorithm level, HPC server has incomparable advantages compared with other servers. Therefore, for enterprises focusing on graphic analysis and data calculation, this type of server is the best choice.

With the continuous development of industry technology, the server also has a significant improvement in the functional level. As a leading enterprise in the field of domestic server, Inspur's technology research and development in recent years covers many fields, which adds impetus to the development of China's Internet multi industry. The quality of server directly affects the efficiency of many enterprises' business development.Due to the quality of service, inspur won the user’s high praise.