Is the effect of 8-way server more satisfactory

01 March 2021

The comprehensive performance of 8-way server in use is still ideal. In recent years, some enterprises in some industries have chosen this type of server when upgrading their products. Can the effect of 8-way server be more satisfactory? This mainly depends on the needs of the enterprise. According to the different needs of the enterprise, the effect of the 8-way server in use will also have obvious differences.

The third generation Intel Xeon scalable processor supports 4-way and 8-way servers, and a single CPU can support up to 28 cores. Mainstream CPU supports bfloat16 digital format for the first time to enhance AI deep learning performance and computing speed. At the same time, optimize the application in cloud computing, in memory database, deep learning and virtualization.

Inspur, the world's leading IT infrastructure provider, has released two M6 series four way servers to support the latest third generation Intel Xeon scalable processors, including 2U four way server nf8260m6 and four way 4U four way server nf8480m6 optimized for cloud solutions. Traditional enterprise customer's key task application scenario server. Chaonf8260m6 can support four processors and up to 112 cores in 2U space, providing higher computing density, reducing space usage by 50%, operation and maintenance costs by 40% and power consumption by 7%, thus reducing the overall TCO compared with 2U 2-slot servers.

It can be seen that the advantages of 8-way server in actual use function level are relatively obvious. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Inspur is always at the forefront of the industry in server technology research and development and technology development level, and its products have also been well appraised by many users.

Although the performance of 8-way server is outstanding, it does not mean that this type of server can definitely improve the work efficiency of enterprises in some fields in the actual functional level. For example, some enterprises have relatively low basic requirements for servers and less functional requirements in the working level, so this type of enterprises use traditional services Although the 8-way server is better in comprehensive performance, these enterprises do not need these high-level functions in daily business development, so there is no essential difference between the assistance and the use of ordinary servers.