What are the advantages of rack servers?

01 March 2021

In recent years, many industry users pay more attention to rack servers. What are the advantages of this type of server? This type of server has a more ideal effect of elastic mechanism in the use process and has more obvious advantages than traditional products in terms of intelligence and security. It is for this reason that this kind of product is favored by many users.

Take the product NF8260M5 launched by Inspur as an example, a 2U4 way rack server is designed based on the new generation of Intel and Xeon extensible processor to meet the computing-intensive scenarios such as virtualization, database (OLAP / OLTP), CRM, SAP Hana and high-performance computing (HPC).

It can provide 4-way computing density in 2U space, with a maximum of 112 cores and 48 DIMMs to maximize the concurrent processing capacity. It supports 48 pieces of DDR4 memory at the maximum speed of 2933mt / s, RDIMM or LRDIMM at the maximum capacity of 6TB, and 24 pieces of the persistent memory of Intel OPtane data center level(optane) ™ PMem). It can support up to 6 U.2 NVme SSD, which brings super fast layered read-write storage. A variety of storage modules, I / O modules, network modules and GPU modules can realize different combinations of a variety of application scenarios to meet the changing and growing business needs of customers. The new generation of optical path diagnosis systems and deep system error insight technology greatly improves the efficiency of troubleshooting and the recovery speed of system fault state. The optical path diagnosis system supports an off-line optical diagnosis function, which can diagnose the faults of key components in the power-off environment. Combined with the embedded oscilloscope technology, it can view the status of the main board's key signals and help the operation and maintenance engineers to diagnose quickly.

From the characteristics of this server product launched by Inspur, it can meet the needs of users in various industries. The help for financial, government, Internet and other types of enterprises is very significant. As one of the leading enterprises in the field of server in China, Inspur occupies a leading position in both service mechanism and service mode. The after-sales service provided by users has also been well appraised by many users.