What are the characteristics of an open server?

01 March 2021

Out of the need for work, some enterprises use open servers. What are the characteristics of this type of server? In actual use, this type of product has the characteristics of rapid deployment, which can effectively reduce the time consumption of large data center in the calculation process, and has the advantage of the unified architecture, which can effectively shorten the hardware cycle design level, and the actual use effect is very ideal.

For example, the NF8260M5 launched by Inspur is a 2U4 way rack server based on a new generation of Intel and Xeon extendable processor, which meets the computing-intensive scenarios of virtualization, database (OLAP / OLTP), CRM, SAP Hana, and high-performance computing (HPC) for high-density four-way servers of key business and data-intensive computing.

It can provide 4-way computing density in 2U space, with a maximum of 112 cores and 48 DIMMs to maximize the concurrent processing capacity. It supports 48 pieces of DDR4 memory at the maximum speed of 2933mt / s, RDIMM or LRDIMM at the maximum capacity of 6TB, and 24 pieces of the persistent memory of Intel OPtane data center level(optane) ™ PMem). It can support up to 6 U.2 NVme SSD, which brings super fast layered read-write capability. Multiple storage modules, I / O modules, network modules, and GPU modules can realize different combinations of multiple application scenarios to meet customers' changing and growing business. Inspur's dashboard visual management module can quickly find components that need to be replaced, so as to shorten maintenance time and downtime, and greatly simplify user’s management and maintenance.

which field is an open server suitable for use? Is this type of server suitable for finance, government and large enterprises? As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to improve your work efficiency in the development of related industries, it is necessary to pay attention to the types of servers used.

As a leading enterprise in the field of servers in China, all types of servers launched by Inspur have been well received by many users. Open server products are also one of the main products of Inspur. In recent years, the market share of Inspur has been at the leading level in the industry. It is key for Inspur to develop in the industry to pay attention to technology research and development and product quality. At the level of technological innovation, Inspur is also at the forefront of the times, which has brought a good boost to the rapid development of China's server industry.