What kind of storage server should big data enterprises choose?

01 March 2021

Enterprises involved in big data-related business development have higher requirements for storage server. Which type of storage server should enterprises in this field choose? First of all, we need to pay attention to the brand. Brand strength is the key to provide continuous service support for the storage server products purchased by users in the later stage. In addition, we need to pay attention to the characteristics of different types of servers. Then, we need to purchase the appropriate storage server products according to our own needs. Taking the business development needs of big data enterprises as an example, it is very appropriate to purchase NF5266M5.

Inspur's storage server, NF5266M5, is a platform solution specially developed for enterprise data storage management, with a height of 2U and a maximum storage capacity of 420TB. It has been specially designed in storage, network, and computing, and has good storage capacity, storage density and processing capacity. It is suitable for all kinds of application scenarios such as big data, CDN, cloud storage, video storage, etc. it can not only be used as the temperature and cold data storage platform of the industry but can also be used as an integrated distributed node of computing and storage to build a big data system for users. Nf5266M5 is a storage server with strong versatility. Other data systems other than transaction databases can run on this product, such as enterprise video, e-mail, image and web page storage backup of the Internet industry, etc.

Inspur, as a leader in China's server manufacturing enterprises, involves a wide range of storage server products, and its products can meet the needs of users in terms of both the whole cabinet form and the actual use function. China's storage server market has entered a rapid growth period since 2016, and the compound growth rate will reach 15.97% until 2019. In the next 10 years, the composite growth rate of this type of server will still increase rapidly.

As a cutting-edge enterprise in the field of server production, Inspur spared no effort in technology research and development to promote the overall development of enterprises with technology and drive the comprehensive breakthrough of domestic server technology with technology, which made Inspur highly praised by people inside and outside the industry. Inspur's storage server products have been highly praised by users in both domestic and international markets.