What problems should we pay attention to when purchasing servers?

01 March 2021

The daily work of multi-industry enterprises will involve the use of servers. What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing servers? In the current market, there are many brands and types of servers. The key point in the purchase process is to take the brand products as the leading factor so that the function of the server and the quality of after-sales service can be guaranteed. In addition, we need to pay attention to the close connection with the actual needs of the enterprise. With different functions of the server products, there will be essential differences in the price, so we should buy this kind of server products, which only meet the needs of users' daily use. The cost of premium purchase is high, but the enterprise does not have too many functional requirements, which will undoubtedly lead to a waste of funds.

For example, if users are led by the construction of a large-scale cloud data center, it will be more ideal to choose Inspur's high-density server I24, which is a perfect combination of high-density and high-performance for large-scale cloud data center scenarios. It is an integrated and fast delivery product specially designed for large-scale data centers and high-performance computing processing. It is more green, energy-saving, stable and efficient.

If data storage is the dominant demand of users, Inspur 's server NF5266M5 can be selected, which can be applied to massive data storage scenarios. It can provide super large storage capacity while considering flexibility and scalability. It is the best choice for distributed block storage, distributed object storage and distributed file storage.

It can be seen from the above content that the choice of server products should be based on the actual needs of the enterprise, so as to be able to meet their own needs, and will not lead to excessive costs. As one of the leading enterprises in China's server enterprises, The sales performance of Inspur's product not only occupies a leading position in China, but also occupies an important place in the global market.

As a leading enterprise in the industry, both the types and functions of servers are very perfect. No matter what field users belong to, Inspur can buy server products that meet the actual needs of their own enterprises. In the aspect of after-sales service, Inspur is impeccable and has provided quality service for many industry users for many years.