Which model should be chosen for deep learning server of image processing enterprises

01 March 2021

Artificial intelligence can effectively reduce the work pressure of enterprises in daily work, and its efficiency and practical use effect are also well evaluated by many users. Therefore, enterprises in various industries have invested more measures in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Due to the market demand, deep learning server has become the focus of many users Point, which model of product should users buy for this type of demand?

Inspur is the world's leading brand of Artificial Intelligence Computing, committed to building an agile, efficient and optimized artificial intelligence infrastructure. Inspur AI server's market share in China has been more than 50% for three consecutive years, and has maintained close cooperation with leading AI technology companies in system and application, helping AI customers achieve order of magnitude improvement in application performance in voice, semantics, image, video, search, network, etc. For example, nf5488a5 is a good choice.

Nf5488a5 is a new generation AI server developed by Inspur. Mlperf has the highest single test performance in the world. In 4U space, it supports eight NVIDIA A100 GPUs of the third generation nvlink full interconnection, carries two AMD epyc 7742 processors supporting pcie4.0, and nf5488a5 provides the ultimate single machine training performance and ultra-high data throughput of 5 petaflops.

From the above characteristics of this server, it can be seen that the effect of application in the field of image processing as a deep learning service period is still very ideal, and the effect of server use is closely related to its quality. Although the traditional servers in the early stage can meet the needs of some image processing enterprises, due to the lack of AI function, they are in the deep learning level It is almost unable to meet the actual needs of enterprises. Therefore, when purchasing server products, we should focus on AI servers with deep learning as the leading role. At present, in this field, the tide takes the lead, occupying the leading position in the industry both in the technical level and in the server quality level. Whether the server products are excellent in quality and technology directly affects the actual use effect of users. It can be seen that when purchasing server products, we should focus on the industry leading enterprises as the first choice.