Will edge computing be popular in the industry in the future?

01 March 2021

As far as edge computing server is concerned, it has attracted the attention of many users in recent years. Will this type of server be widely used in the industry in the future? Can this type of server bring a qualitative leap compared with the traditional server in practical use? This is a topic that some people in the industry are more concerned about. In terms of actual functionality, this type of server has been well appraised by many users.

Taking the product NE5260M5 launched by Inspur as an example, Inspur‘s edge computing server NE5260M5 is produced to solve the deployment pain point in the edge scene. It conforms to the OTll standard of edge computing defined by the open computing organization ODCC. It is an innovative fusion product integrating traditional server IT standards and CT equipment standards under the background of 5g.

The NE5260M5 is 2U in height, 19 inches in width and 430mm in depth. It can be deployed in a 600 × 600mm general network cabinet together with the network, security, and routing devices in the edge scene. It is very suitable for deployment in the edge scene when there are only network cabinets. In some more extreme scenarios, such as no cabinet or tight cabinet space, the NE5260M5 wall-mounted design can directly hang it on the wall, making it easy to deploy.

NE5260M5 has a large number of targeted designs in high-temperature resistance, dust prevention, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, earthquake resistance, etc., which can withstand the harsh physical environment of the edge data center. At the same time, this product also has the leading tolerance of failure components. The "3 + 1" redundant intelligent fan is used for heat dissipation. If any fan fails, it will not affect the system operation. Under certain temperature conditions, it can tolerate two fan errors at the same time.

Although the current edge server is still in the stage of technology research and development, from its actual use effect and the public's evaluation of it, this type of server products will likely become the core leading products in the industry in the future. The quality service that this type of server can bring to users exists in many aspects, and Inspur as China's leading platform The leading organization in the server enterprise has spared no effort in technology research and development, invested a lot of measures in the edge computing level, and also played a good effect. Technology research and development is the key to promote the development of server enterprises, and it is also the key to promote the continuous progress of the whole industry. In this scene, Inspur's advantages have been unanimously recognized by the industry.