Will open computing become an industry vane in the future?

01 March 2021

It is precisely for this reason that the development of science and technology promotes the productivity of the industry. Internet enterprises and other types of science and technology enterprises are very concerned about the future development of open computing. Will this type of model become the industry vane in the future? From the current point of view, this mode of open computing is bound to become the dominant market in the future.

Inspur's overall solution based on open computing has been well implemented in traditional industries such as finance and communication. In the communication industry, with 5G business boosting the development of intelligent industry, users' demand for communication is higher and higher, and the requirements for bandwidth, delay and even equipment reliability and security of applications such as cloud live, cloud games, intelligent communication and intelligent medical care are also increasing and even up to a higher level. At the same time, due to the limitation of environmental conditions, new requirements are put forward for the energy consumption of equipment. At present, nearly 100 Inspur's full cabinet servers SR have been fully applied in China Mobile's international information port data center. With cabinet-level modular design, centralized power supply, heat dissipation and management, the power consumption can be saved by 20%, the space utilization rate can be as high as 90%, and the customer's return on investment can be increased by 33%. The integrated minimalist design and ultra-high flexibility can meet different application needs. In the financial industry, with the continuous application of big data, intelligent identification, mobile Internet and other technologies in the financial industry, "non-contact" financial services such as face payment, online account opening and online loan are becoming more and more popular. The innovation of financial technology enables users to enjoy financial services anytime and anywhere.

From the use effect of open computing launched by Inspur, it has solved practical problems for many types of enterprises in the financial field and communication field. Its high efficiency can not only reduce unnecessary costs, but also provide quality services for enterprises.

The reason why Inspur has outstanding initiatives at this level is that in the research and development of corresponding open computing technologies, the project is developed according to the actual needs of users, so as to significantly improve the utilization rate of the project and meet the actual needs of users. Inspur only takes the actual needs as the basis and takes this as the driving force to carry out technology research and development, which provides important help for the product innovation and capacity improvement of enterprises in various industries.