What is the impact of open computing on the industry

01 March 2021

In the early stage of development, enterprises follow the principle that who has a strong card, then who can win. The so-called bottom card is the technology of possession. After the concept of open computing was put forward, the result of innovation became the technology that everyone could use. Whoever could apply this technology better would be the real winner.

After putting forward this concept, the development speed of the whole industry is also very obvious, and the influence brought by open computing has become the key direction of enterprise development.

1. Forming the world's leading data center industry ecology

In the IT industry, ten years has brought great changes to the world. After technological innovation, more application scenarios have been shown in the industry. The alternating force between the two has provided more impetus for the innovation of the whole industry. In the process of the development of the Internet, open computing, a new mode of industrial cooperation, began to come into being, and under his promotion, a complete data center industry ecology has also formed in the Chinese market.

2. Promote the promotion and application of emerging technologies

As open computing formal operation, the quantity and size of the data center is constantly increasing, further speeding up the greening and intelligent data center, along with the emerging technology of quick promotion channels, increased access to information, the application of scenario with the improving of the technology but also a new development.

3. Application scenarios put forward higher requirements for open computing

Open computing is developing rapidly due to reduce the cost, has a good effect on saving energy consumption, the investment rate of return improved the certain proportion, for some international leading enterprises, a year to save money is to small and medium-sized enterprise venture investment, the size, the greater the practice of open compute this industry collaboration mode interests has, the more obvious. At the same time, the emergence of open computing is accelerating the standardization and industrialization of cutting-edge applications and technologies.

At present, open computing has become the trend of industry development, which brings together developers from all over the world to jointly develop and provide effective solutions for a certain technology, and share them to all people in an open form. Thus promote the rapid development of the industry, the formation of scale and industrial ecology. Based on the standards, Inspur has developed the corresponding design specifications, greatly improving the compatibility of products, and boosting the development of the industry.