Invoice Management System


Provides various types of data analytical reports for taxation officers to support decision-making based on diverse data indexes, models and algorithms.

Background introduction:

The revenue authority meet challegens in limited taxpayer quantity and unable to adopt fiscalization in all sectors because of the taxpayers’ scenarios. Also, it is difficult to detect the tax fraud and evasion behavior without accurate transaction data.

Solution introduction:


Invoice Management Solution integrates with software and hardware, which is the essential process regarding to tax revenue information collection. It is designed with an encryption/decryption mechanism which is extraordinarily secured and reliable. Its invoice life cycle management can greatly ensure invoice data which can be transferred to the tax bureaus safely and accurately in a real-time manner. It can help tax bureau officers monitor and analyze invoice data of taxpayers.

Solution advantages:

1. One Center

Cloud based platform, opening API interface, multi-application, Big data analysis,  AI tax fraud detection and risk prediction.

2. One Middleware

Full fiscal integration solution for all scenarios, embedded in diverse product solutions such as EFD, SDC, Fiscal server and E-Invoice platform.

3. Four Scenarios

EFD for retailor and restaurant, SDC for chains and super market, Fisal Server for large scale enterprise and E-Invoice Platform for e-commence and mobile scenarios.

The client's return:

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