Hybrid Flash Storage AS5300G5

Inspur AS5300G5 is a mid-end hybrid flash storage system for medium/large-sized enterprises and provides both SAN and NAS. With the storage operating system especially developed for cloud computing and big data, rich software features, and industry-leading hardware platform, AS5500G5 satisfies the data storage and disaster recovery requirement of various applications, such as medium/large-sized OLTP/OLAP databases, virtualization and file sharing.

Key Features

Extreme performance

  1. Platform upgrade: G5 adopts a new generation of hardware platform with chips and specifications upgraded. The performance is increased by an average of 30%, contributing to even efficient data processing. At the same time, application efficiency is boosted with the support of a set of intelligent software, such as InFlashCache, InTier, InQoS.
  2. Rate upgrade: Support 32Gb interface card to meet the requirement of high bandwidth and low latency, and fully unleash the storage potential.
  3. Scale-Out architecture: Inspur G5 mid-end active storage supports online horizontal expansion, up to 16 controllers and TB-level cache, enabling customers’ storage resources to grow linearly to meet the changing business needs.

Extreme reliability

  1. Efficient and reliable system architecture: Inspur G5 adopts industry-leading Active-Active storage architecture to achieve load balancing between controllers, eliminate performance bottlenecks of controllers, improve system availability, and ensure business continuity.
  2. Redundant and reliable hardware platform: The fully modular redundant architecture ensures no single point of failure (SPOF) for key components. Passive backplane is used to improve system reliability. It also supports online hardware expansion, online firmware upgrade, online system maintenance, and power failure data protection.
  3. Extreme fast and reliable system functions: InRAID makes data blocks and hot spare blocks distributed in all member disks of the RAID array. The concept of hot spare disk no longer exists. 1T data reconstruction is reduced to the minute-level. Therefore, it greatly reduces RAID failure risk when disk failure occurs again and enhances system reliability.
  4. Mature and reliable disaster recovery and protection: Inspur G5 supports multiple disaster recovery and protection solutions, such as snapshot, remote replication, active-active, and three centers with two variants. With the support of reliable hardware platforms, rich software features and mature disaster recovery solutions, it guarantees business continuity, high availability of applications, and RPO=0 and RTO=0.

Easy to manage

  1. Inview: Inview supports unified management of Inspur AS2000G2, AS5000G2, AS5000G5, HF5000G5, HF6000G5 and SDS AS13000. Basic information, usage and performance statistics, alarm notices, management and real-time multi-cluster monitoring of the above products are supported on the same management interface. More importantly, Inview builds a cross-platform disaster recovery solution with timing snapshot and multicopy replication, leading to enhanced data security.

Rich features

  1. Intelligent thin-provisioning: Physical space no longer limits resource allocation. Support on-demand allocation to reduce early-stage investment and improve the utilization rate of storage resources. Full-capacity thin-provisioning allows over-allocation of the storage and the granularity level is adjustable (32k, 64k, 128k, 256k). It supports the creation of a single volume of up to 256TB. No additional license is required for subsequent expansion.
  2. Intelligent cache acceleration: Support SSD cache and 32 cache partitions to meet the requirements of different applications, improve overall storage performance, and eliminate performance bottlenecks in complex application environments.
  3. Intelligent local replication: Three local data protection mechanisms: clone, snapshot, backup. The combination can meet the needs of application testing, development, analysis, backup, etc. It effectively saves storage space and reduces investment costs. No additional license is required for subsequent expansion.
  4. Intelligent volume mirroring: By using volume mirroring, a volume can have two copies. Uninterrupted application IO access when a copy is damaged.
  5. Intelligent tiering: Four tiers. Hotspot data can be migrated online between different storages to optimized storage cost and performance, and improve customers’ ROI.
  6. Intelligent QoS: Dynamic management of volume read/write based on the IO requirement of each application. On-demand resource allocation satisfies the need of different applications.
  7. Intelligent online compression: The hardware compression card provides lossless compression, which has no impact on performance. Adopt the time-based pre-compression, data is compressed in the cache, and the fixed stripe size can fully utilize the storage space.
  8. Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization: Allow to take over third-party storage resources and form a unified virtual resource pool. Data protection, data migration between storages and other services are provided.
  9. Intelligent disaster recovery replication: Three disaster recovery replication mechanisms: sync, async, and async periodic. Thus, meet different RTO and RPO requirements, protect business continuity, and support three data centers with two variants.
  10. Intelligent storage active-active: Inspur G5 active storage provides an active-active multi-data center topology to achieve RTO=0 and RPO=0, zero data loss, and uninterrupted business.
  11. Intelligent cloud tiering (unique in the industry): Enable the following features in the cloud environment: cache, disaster recovery, backup, etc. Combine the cost-effective and highly-scalable cloud storage with the local data center architecture, and make sure seamless flow of data between the local data center and the public cloud.
  12. Intelligent multi-tenant: Through virtualization, database isolation and other technologies, achieve the isolation of applications and services between different tenants; thus, protect tenants’ privacy and security.
  13. Intelligent management software: A set of software manages the G5 storage platform. Also, an intelligent maintenance management system is built-in to reduce related costs and improve efficiency.

Technical Specifications





Controller Cabinet

2U12, 2U25, 3U48



System Cache


Supported Storage Protocols


Type of Frontend Port

16/32Gb FC, 1/10/40Gb iSCSI

Type of Hard Drive


Number of Hard Drive


System Frontend IO Port


Type of System Backend Port

SAS3.0, single port 4*12Gbps

Expansion Enclosure

2U12, 2U25, 3U48, 5U92

RAID Level

0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, InRAID

Boost Resource Efficiency

Intelligent Thin Provisioning (InThin)

Intelligent virtualization RAID (InRAID)

Intelligent data migration (InMigration)

Intelligent online compression (InCompression)

Intelligent tiering (InTier)

Intelligent volume conversion (Intune)

Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization (InVirtualization)

Intelligent file service (InFileService)

Intelligent online deduplication (InDedupe)

Intelligent multi-tenant (InMulti-tenant)

Data Protection Software

Intelligent snapshot (InSnapShot)

Intelligent cloning (InClone)

Intelligent backup (InBackup)

Intelligent disk mirroring (InVdiskMirror)

Intelligent remote replication (InRemoteCopy)

Intelligent active-active (InMetro)

Intelligent cloud tiering (InCloudTier)

Intelligent encryption (InEncryption)

Intelligent data destruction (InErase)

Mission-Critical Guarantee

Intelligent quality of service (InQoS)

Intelligent automatic cache partition (InAutoPartition)

Intelligent cache acceleration (InFlashCache)

Virtualization Features

Heterogeneous virtualization: supports 95%+ of the models for unified management.

RAID virtualization: block-level virtualization, system balancing, no hot spots.

Virtualization system supports mainstream virtualization technologies, such as IntelliSense plugins (i.e.VAAI, VVOL, VASA, vCenter integration).